Interviewing Christopher

Thanks to Eldon Thompson, author of the newly-released book titled The Crimson Sword, I will be attending Book Expo America in New York City on Friday, June 3rd. Book Expo America is an annual expo with over 2,000 exhibits and over 500 authors open only to authors, teachers, industry professionals, etc. Christopher Paolini will be attending this event on Friday to sign books and promote the Inheritance Trilogy. I’ll be posting pictures and a report from the event late Friday night.

Also, thanks to Judith Haut from Random House, and of course, Christopher himself, I’ll be going to lunch with Christopher on Saturday afternoon to chat and interview him. But to do this I need help from the fans – we need interview questions! Just like the exclusive phone interview we had with Christopher back in September, we’re asking all of you to send in any and all questions you’d like us to ask! We can’t promise that every single question will be asked, as we’re on a time limit, but we’ll try our hardest! Send any questions you may have for Christopher in to interview at shurtugal dot com! (Sorry to put the email address like that – blame spam!)  The questions can either be about the Inheritance Trilogy or Christopher himself – be creative! We’ll be taking question submissions up until next Wednesday, June 1st.

Look for pictures and a bit of a preview on how the interview went sometime on Saturday. It’ll take me some time to get a recording of the interview as well as a transcript up, so you’ll have to bear with us!