Eldest ARC and Fox shoot

Kenneth Paolini has teased us with sent us some pictures of the Eldest ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) as well as a photo from an interview shoot Fox did with Christopher. “The video shoot for Fox is for a presentation that they will be doing at Cinexpo in Amsterdam, which is a big film conference in Europe next month. They filmed Christopher and Stefen Fangmeier. Stefen was filmed in Hungary, on site, where the sets are being built. Christopher was filmed at Chico Hot Springs in Montana.” You can view the photos below:

Christopher during the Fox shoot
Christopher with his Eldest ARC
Christopher with his Eldest ARC (again)
Eldest ARC in front of one of the Paolini’s monitors
Back of the Eldest ARC
Front of the Eldest ARC
Inside of the Eldest ARC

There you have it folks – a new set of pictures to keep us waiting in anticipation for both Eldest and the Eragon movie!