Eragon releases in paperback!

Eragon releases in paperback nation wide today in the USA, being sold for $9.95! Thanks to Kenneth Paolini, we have the following information about the paperback edition:

– The paperback will have a perforated back cover. The piece that tears off will be the size of a bookmark. On one side of the bookmark will be information on Eldest, with an image of the actual cover of Eldest. The other side has the Saphira art and “Fly Away with Eragon.”

– This edition of Eragon does not have the foldout map of Alagaësia; Zar’roc artwork; or the expanded pronunciation guide to the Ancient and Dwarf languages that was in the hardcover Deluxe Edition.

– The paperback Eragon is 5 x 8 inches and is 516 pages long.

– This edition of Eragon does have the regular-size Alagaësia map, pronunciation guide, and the first chapter of Eldest!

You can find Eragon in paperback at any of your local bookstores for $9.95, or buy it on Amazon for $8.95! This copy of the book is definitely a must-buy!