Dragons Are Coming

Throughout time, there has been one creature recorded in the legend of every world culture. Were they imagined or real? Animal Planet explores this question along with many others in the premiere of their new hit show, Dragons Are Coming. With over three years in the making, this show sheds a whole new light onto Dragons, leaving you to believe that Dragons did, and possibly still do, exist. The show airs Sunday night (tomorrow) at 8 PM, EST on Animal Planet. You can visit the official Dragons Are Coming website for trailers, pictures, and additional information by clicking here!

UPDATE: If you happened to miss the show, it’s being re-played from 10 PM to Midnight, and then again from Midnight to 2 AM (all times are EST). Don’t miss this awesome show!

UPDATED #2: If you missed the show or you just don’t get Animal Planet, you can buy a DVD copy of the show for only $19.99 from Discover Channel’s online store by clicking here!