Countdown to Eldest!

With less than 150 days left until the release of Eldest, the second book in the Inheritance Trilogy, we decided that it was time to add a count down to the site. We’ve developed a countdown with the color scheme take from the cover of Eldest which can be downloaded to your desk top as a constant reminder of how many days are left until the release of the new book! If you’d like to download the countdown to your desk top, follow these few short instructions: Click the link under the countdown which reads “Add to Desktop”. Download the file to the desktop when prompted. Once the file has finished downloading, run the application by double-clicking the icon. Once you’ve done this, you’ve successfully installed the countdown! You can drag it around your desktop as pleased. You can disable or remove the countdown at any times using the link under the countdown on the main page of the site!

If you’d like to display the countdown on your website or forum signature, simply copy the code from the bottom and paste it in to wherever you want it displayed:

Edit by Nick:
Mike had put up the proper code to display the countdown on your site or forum signature, but when displaying it with this code there would be unnecessary spacing and padding surrounding the countdown image. Therefore, to display the countdown perfectly, with no extra spacing or anything, please use this revised code:

<iframe frameborder="0" scrolling="auto" width="402" height="80" src="
countdown/eldest-cd.html" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"></iframe>