Lots of Updates!

Edit: This morning I got an email from Simon Lipskar, Chris’s Agent, requesting that I remove all of the content from the Deluxe Edition of Eragon. All of the new content has been removed until further notice, sorry!


For the past three days I’ve been working hard to mass produce some updates for the site. Today, I finally finished, and I’ve added all the updates!

For those of you who haven’t purchased the Deluxe Edition, I’ve typed up the new words in the guides. The guide for the Ancient Language can be found here and the guide for the Dwarf Language can be found here.

Along with those updates, I’ve added a page for the parents of children who read Eragon which can be found here. The page basically explains Eragon and makes it known that it is perfectly healthy for us kids to be obsessed with Eragon! I’ve also added Fan of the Week #9 found here, an Eragon Audio page found here, and a page full of information about Urgals found here!

All of these pages are worth checking out! I hope you enjoy!