Chris Paolini Impersonator

I have been told that last night, someone was in our chat room claiming to be Chris Paolini himself. Please note that this was NOT Chris Paolini, and that anyone claiming to be Chris should not be taken seriously. I ask you all to please not pretend to be Chris, as no one finds it humorous in any way, shape or form. The person pretending to be Chris has been banned from the chat room for good.

I’d like to quote a message Kenneth Paolini sent to me a few months back adressing this subject:

“We urge fans not to respond to people claiming to be Christopher online. Christopher has not never communicates with fans in that way (since early 2003).

Also, no one has read any part of Eldest, other than his editor, agent, and immediate family.

If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be Christopher, they are fake.”