[Ended] Snag autographed Inheritance books and goodies during our Ten Days of Inheritance Giveaways!

Christmas may be over but the gifts are still coming! Our annual “Ten Days of Inheritance Giveaways” has returned, offering up autographed books, art, and other Inheritance Cycle goodies for fans around the world. This year, we’re offering chances to add autographed books, art, and more to your collection!

A new giveaway will release each day through January 4th! Visit this post each day to see the new giveaways, or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr for reminders! (Entry into each giveaway ends on January 11th at 11:59pm MST. Winners will be announced on January 14th).

How to enter: Each giveaway offers a variety of options to enter, including following us on Facebook and Twitter, sending out a tweet, and subscribing to our newsletter. Don’t have any social media accounts? Don’t worry! There’s a mandatory option requiring you to provide us with your mailing address so that we may ship your prize in the event that you do win. Providing us with this information will gain you one entry per giveaway.

Fine print: Why do we ask for your mailing address? Simple: we don’t want to encounter any issues contacting winners. In the past, our emails haven’t been received, were missed, or were sent to spam, often resulting in us having to choose new winners. This method ensures that all winners receive their prizes. Once the giveaways have ended, all collected information (including email addresses and physical addresses) is permanently deleted.

  • Chase Greene

    Forgot to put my name on December 31 Flying Saphira Art Print. It’s most likely me if you get one from Grand Haven, MI

  • Joshua Williams

    GOOD LUCK to everyone!!!!!!!!

  • kayli_the_werecat44

    kvetha fricai, I hope i win! but, Good luck!

  • Andrew Moseman

    I LOVE these books! Can’t wait to read whatever book Christopher’s heart leads him to write!

  • Carol Whitfield

    I didn’t put my name on my entries either. If you get any entries from Grand Rapids, MI that is probably me. Thank you.

  • Maddie Hunt

    I totally spaced putting my name in… *face palm* So, if there’s anything drawn from Port Angeles, Washington, that would be me…

  • Oscar keevash

    When you realise after entering your mailing address for 6 giveaways you forget to add your name. If you get any winners that live in colden common, Winchester, Hampshire ,England that is me Oscar Keevash

    • kayli_the_werecat44

      lol same i totally forgot to put my name! fort smith arkansas HELLO?

      • Oscar keevash


  • Oscar keevash

    Does having 6 points affect the way the prizes are selected?
    I live the UK, so do I have to pay for shipping?

  • Ufthak, of wide eyes

    What’s up with day 6?

  • Nat Reid

    The link for the Dec 31 saphira print seems to be rerouting to the Jan 1 yawe and zar’roc keychains page instead.

    • Armaan


  • Joanna Van

    I really hope that I can get Yawe keychain. Arya is my fav character

  • Emma

    I accidentally hit enter before I finished typing my mailing address. :/ Is there a way I can fix it? I was already logged into Rafflecopter since I’ve entered other giveaways. Is it okay if I log in using an alternate email address to enter the giveaway?

  • Martín Duarte

    OOH MYYY!!!
    *crossing my fingers

  • Filipe

    It says on the terms and conditions that international fans can’t win books. Does that mean that we shouldn’t enter book giveaways? or would we get a different prize if we ended up winning?

    P.S: the tumblr link isn’t working properly for me either

    • Martín Duarte

      Where I can read the T&C?
      I followed the details for points but forgot to read those 🙁

      • Filipe

        when you click the little arrow to submit your mailing address, in the bottom you can see in tiny letters a link to the terms and conditions.

    • Stephy

      But the description says “for fans around the world” D:

    • There are two cases where international fans won’t be eligible to receive the books (later in the series). In both cases there will be an international-only alternative to win a set of four autographed Inheritance Cycle bookplates.

      • Filipe

        Thanks for the info!

      • Oscar keevash

        What? But there are three books available to win: paper back inheritance, collectors eragon and a deluxe edition of inheritance so what book can international fans win?

  • Stephy

    The link to your facebook site is broken, just letting you know (:

    • Martín Duarte

      In this post is right, but in the options to get more points it’s an invalid FB direction…

    • Looking into this!