Who is your favorite secondary character?

secondary-character-headerLast week we asked fans to decide the community’s favorite main character. The results were surprising! The poll is still open, so if you haven’t already voted, be sure to defend your favorite main character after participating in this week’s poll.

With main characters out of the way, it’s time to determine the community’s favorite secondary character! This may be an even tougher race, with lots of interesting players in the mix, from the grotesque Ra’zac to Solembum, the mysterious and elusive werecat!


Defend your favorite secondary character’s honor: vote and spread the word! We’ll post a summary of the results once we close the poll!

  • Saphira Bjartskular

    Oromis! He practically taught Eragon everything he knows, died a heroic death, and is all around the best side character!

  • 120130+5

    Ra’zac!!! (Theyre NOT evil by the way)

  • punkdinosaur


  • Danger Wolf

    What? No love for Durza???

  • Danielle

    I voted for Nar Garzhvog because he’s awsome. And he’s an urgul!!

  • Atila Keresturi

    So, while I do support everyone’s choice of Solembum, I give my vote to Sloan. Why? One simple reason – Eragon wouldn’t be Eragon if it wasn’t for Sloan’s involvement into the whole story as it is. He may not have as many appearances, but his role was definitely an important one.

  • murtagh

    Elva! I love Elva because she is brave and she is strong. She may have been a snotty little brat for a while, but what can you expect? she went through a lot and because of that I can forgive her.

  • Ryan McBride


  • WackyYak

    Where is Orik?!?

    • Randall Buckheit

      Not there because he is most definantly a main character.

      • WackyYak

        He wasn’t on the main character poll…

        • Randall Buckheit

          He was. I thought the same thing at first but I went back to check before posting. He is just over halfway down the list.