Who is your favorite main character? (Poll)

favorite-main-character-headerThe Inheritance Cycle is filled to the brim with lovable, bad-ass main characters. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but we’re asking you to do just that! We’re letting Eragon, Saphira, Arya, Murtagh, Roran, and the rest battle it out to see who wins the title of the Inheritance Cycle fan community’s favorite main character!

It’s going to be a tough fight, and we expect some surprises, upsets, and backstabbing as each main characters tries climb to the top!


Defend your favorite character’s honor: vote and spread the word! We’ll post a summary of the results once we close the poll!

  • kayli_the_werecat44

    Kvetha Fricai, I voted angela! she is mysterious and fun, Se onr svrdar sitja hvass!
    Idk who u r but I WILL find those whom voted for the Oath-breaker, wiol ono, hlaupa…

  • Jack


  • Jack


  • Jack

    Angela! She’s comical, mysterious, and powerful!

    P.S.: Why do people vote for Murtagh?

    • Amun_Ra

      Muratgh is cool. He’s hell of a lot misunderstood, but is powerful and takes a big part in slaying Galbatorix. The only think about him is that he killed Hrothgar.
      Angela is also cool. Tenga probably is a Grey Folk, and Angela might just be an ordinary human who learnt his magic.

  • Meher Shrishti

    Obviously Saphira

  • Danielle

    Saphira, because she is so funny. AND SHE’S A DRAGON!!!!

    • Jesus Perez

      I love how…..confident, with just the right amount of vanity, she is!

  • Naads

    Arya is the best for me and always will be,she has countless
    talents and soo much experience and she is a rider and not to forget being the queen of the elves she is my role model

  • Murtagh

    Sorry, I realize that you don’lt think that murtagh is evil, i just get a little touchy about him.

  • Murtagh

    Murtagh. Period. Murtagh is the best. Aaron, by the way, Murtagh isn’t evil, he was forced to do the things he did, other than killing hrothgar, but he was temporarily insane. I don’t think anyone here could’ve done half so well in resisting Galbatorix.

  • Rebecca

    Who voted for Galbatorix???

  • FairyTailDragon

    Can’t choose just one. Plus if their adding more characters then there’s no point in choosing favorites just yet, but so far, I can’t wait to learn more of Angela and her stories, especially how she got the elves respect and of course, why does Solumbum also respect her? THERES JUST TO MUCH WE MUST KNOW! It would be cruel if we never found out.

    • I’m sure we’ll find out some day. Christopher has hinted at as much for Book 5 (you can read more on our Book 5 page).

  • anmol13111993

    far as I’m concerned , the best character has to be Roran . His accomplishments , as just a normal person are mind blowing , and he is the only one who has manages to have a stable relationship (well , apart from Orik )

    • The stable relationship thought is really interesting. Never considered that!

  • Agostina

    Angela!! She’s amazing!!!! She’s my favorite character of them all!! I also love Saphira, Murtagh and Eragon, but Angela has something so different from any other character i’ve ever read. I hope to read more about her!

  • Aaron

    For me, it’s Murtagh. He’s the most complex and realistic character out of all of them. He’s not exactly good, but neither is he bad. He doesn’t just easily do the right thing like all of the good characters do, nor does he just do evil things like the antagonists do. You can see his struggle throughout the series between what he wants and what he should or shouldn’t do. He has true and noticeable personality flaws and you see a real transformation from him by the end of the series. Definitely the best character in my opinion.

    • Saphireleine

      Yes! I completely agree.

    • Juliana Ormianin Kogge

      Absolutely agree!!

  • Dorcas B.

    It was a tough decision for me! Saphira’s quotes always pop up in my head, but Arya is always the character that catches my attention. She inspired my roleplaying character years ago, and all in all impacted me the most.
    Some people think she was designed too “mary-sue,” but as you read through the series you really begin to understand her character and she becomes very in-depth. I loved getting to know her! Especially through Brisingr and Inheritance.

  • Night Sahde

    Grrr! This is hard i like them all!!! Im surprised Arya has so many votes. She is pretty BA but the movie kinda ruined her character so its hard for me to imagine her like she’s described in the book.

    • Blackscales

      I totally agree that the movie sucked in bringing Arya to life but you have to admit the movie kinda murdered the other characters as well, although I really enjoyed how Saphira looked. If we’re going off the movie I’d say the worst characters are Eragon and Galbatorix…both seemed pretty terribly chosen to me. Then again Arya was pretty messed up too, but I believe that she was the best at acting her part, besides maybe Brom.

  • JCT

    Arya is amazing! She is an Elf, very advanced in magic, incredible with a sword, and the queen of the Elves. She is strong to her morals and beleifs, and would do anything for her people. Arya is an overall lovable character! 😀

  • Noah M

    WAIT WHAT? Why is Eragon near the middle?! And arya near the top???

    • I’m just surprised at how low Angela is (for now). We’ll see how this plays out, the poll has only been up for a few hours!

    • Dorcas B.

      It is backwards that the protagonist isn’t higher up… But if you think about it, how often is the MAIN character the favorite? However much we may love them.

      • FairyTailDragon

        Percy Jackson. Other than that I don’t know

      • Eragon is a great character, but I don’t think his role as the protagonist guarantees him to be everyone’s favorite.

  • Noah M

    I think we all know what the results for this will be. LoL