Raise your mugs with original Brewfest drinks!

brewfest-headerIt’s that time of year, when the days shorten, the air chills and the wind swirls.  Leaves have taken on shades of flame and the harvest beckons eager farmers afield.

It’s also time for Alagaësia Brewfest! This week we’ve debuted a new Inheritance community focused holiday called Brewfest, and what better way to warm the soul on a chilly October day than with a festive drink? The team at Shur’tugal has devised our own list of fictional beverages inspired by the characters, races and lore of Alagaësia to celebrate Brewfest.  From hearty brews to herbal healing teas, there is something for all ages to hoist in their mugs!

Below are some of our brews we have envisioned as being found and enjoyed throughout the world of Alagaesia… and how they fit into some key events from the series:

Dûrmgrimst Ingeitum Double Imperial Stout – a rich, hearty beer the color of the deepest caverns of Farthen Dûr, this stout is made for the stout-hearted.  With a strong scent of roasted earth and dried fruit, one must have a strong constitution to keep up with any dwarf drinking the stuff.  Legend has it that the dwarves regularly infuse the Double Imperial with coal dust taken straight from the clan smithy, to aid in beard growth.

Palancar Pirate Pale Ale – One of the barrels of brew that was saved by Morn in the exodus from Carvahall, the Palancar Pirate has now become a favorite in the Varden.  Needing a drink that would last the long voyage to Surda, Morn chose his best pale ale, which was loaded up with hops and malt, creating a natural preservative that would help the beer last longer.  This mixture of ingredients also give the Pale Ale a bright, flowery aroma and very bitter taste.  It is named after the citizens of Carvahall pirating the ship they used to get to Surda.

Black Cleaver Ale – When Eragon and Brom stopped in Dras-Leona and had a few drinks at the Golden Globe, they might have had some of the Black Cleaver.  A dark, almost pitch black ale, this heavy bodied beverage has a rich fruity flavor accented with fresh grain.  Though the taste is excellent, the effects may linger, as both Brom and Eragon found out the morning after a few tankards of the Black Cleaver.  It is believed that the original recipe for Black Cleaver Ale was developed by the Priests of Helgrind, who favored the head splitting headaches it induces.

While the dwarves and humans love their ales and brews, the elves, and even others throughout Alagaesia, have taken to crafting some of the most unique and warming teas in the land:

Frostbitten Faelnirv – A special twist on the traditional elven drink Faelnirv, the Frostbitten variety offers a unique taste and added energy for the drinker of the beverage.  During a limited time of the year, the Elves harvest elderberries when they’ve been subjected to an enchanted frost.  The frost raises the sugar content of the berries, allowing for a sweeter, smoother taste unlike any other.  Mixed with the traditional moonbeam recipe, Frostbitten Faelnirv is a rare treat for those lucky to have it.  Since several unique circumstances are required for the enchanted frosting to occur, Frostbitten Faelnirv is only available in extremely limited quantities.

Golden Dragon Nettle Honeytea – A favorite of Oromis, this sweet nettle tea is a wonderful Brewfest choice for a hot soothing drink.  Rich and golden as Glaedr flying low over an autumn harvest, not only is this tea smooth and delicious, it also serves as a remedy for various medical maladies and is excellent for reducing muscle soreness after a tough battle.  Only the best summer honey is used to keep this tea thick and sweet well into the winter.  Fresh peppermint leaf can be muddled into a cup of Golden Dragon to add a pop of coolness.

Hadarac Spice Tea – Hadarac Spice is a combination of dark tea leaf, herbs and various spices brewed together into a lively, aromatic drink.  The tea mixture is brewed and then combined with a bit of milk and honey to give it a rich, creamy texture.  With a complex, vibrant palette, Hadarac Spice smells as good as it tastes.  Cinnamon can be added to enhance the experience.

Jeod’s Private Reserve Black Tea – As a merchant in Teirm, Jeod was able to find all sorts of rare and unique items.  One such item was a large barrel of smoke cured black tea leaves from the far east of Alagaësia.  Dubbing it Private Reserve, this dark mahogany colored tea became a favorite of Jeod and friends, and is only drank at Brewfest in small quantities due to its scarceness.  With a unique but pleasant, smoky flavor, this tea may remind some of a peated, whiskey taste (without the whiskey!).  Those who’ve been lucky to try it note its energizing properties, allowing tea drinkers to revel deep into those windy Brewfest nights.

Those were some of our drinks, now we’d like to hear yours! Let us know your ideas in the comments and on social media and we’ll include them as part of our growing pool of Brewfest lore! All ideas are welcome, it’s your opportunity to create new stories in this Inheritance community holiday!