Shur’tugal’s plans for the future!

Shur’tugal has officially moved to a new server, leaving the old issues behind, and that “down time” allowed us to explore all of the feedback left by visitors on our previous post, Twitter page, and Facebook page! We asked our visitors what they would like to see from Shur’tugal going forward and compiled the feedback into two categories: what we can commit to, and what we’re interested in exploring!

What we can confirm we’ll be doing in the future:

  •  Interviews! We’ve been sitting on a few for too long, and we’re going to be sharing them very soon.
    • Our first interview will come during Christopher Paolini’s upcoming “featured author” week on Lytherus! It’s a full length interview… and it will be accompanied by an exclusive guest post by Christopher himself!
    • Our second interview will come during Rachel Hartman’s (SERAPHINA) “featured author” week on Lytherus! Christopher and Rachel sat down for a joint interview with the Lytherus team.
  • More social media interaction! We have a fantastic community built on our official Facebook and Twitter accounts, and we want to better engage our followers. We’ll be hosting activities, media, and giveaways on both accounts going forward.
  • Inheritance (Book 4) podcast! Our fan-favorite book club podcast will return for a final run, this time featuring a special guest for every episode: Christopher Paolini!
  • Exploration of Book 5! Christopher has stated that he does intend to some day write a fifth book in the series (which will be a stand-alone book), but it may be a while before that arrives! We’ll explore all of the potential story lines, confirmed facts, and “rumors” surrounding this highly anticipated fifth book.
  • Giveaways! Who doesn’t like free things? We’ve got a bunch of signed copies of Inheritance and the Inheritance Deluxe Edition to give away!
  • Merchandise! We’ve already got a huge range of Inheritance clothing, which is the only Inheritance clothing you can buy on the internet! We’ll be adding more in the coming weeks.
  • Minecraft Alagaesia! A great team of individuals has pulled together to bring Alagaesia to life in the hugely-popular world-building game, Minecraft. With the support of Shur’tugal and Christopher, this team will continue to build away… and we’ll post lots of interesting photos, highlights, and more here on Shur’tugal!

What we are interested in doing, but can’t yet confirm:

  • Even more interviews! Christopher has always been a good sport about sitting down for interviews and we’d like to continue this by featuring an interview or Q&A with the author once every few months.
  • Fan art highlights! Many talented artists have illustrated the world we’ve come to love, and we’d love to share their work with you!
  • Content editorials! We’ll be opening editorials up to our visitors. If you’re interested in blogging or writing, we’d love to share a piece of your work exploring a theory or topic within the world of Alagaesia.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for what we hope to accomplish with Shur’tugal in the future. Inheritance as a series may be over, but Christopher’s career as a writer sure isn’t. We’ll follow the author as he expands into new projects in the future and hope that you’ll stick with us for the ride.

In the mean time, you can visit — our sister site covering all things fantasy, scifi, and horror — for news and information on all of your favorite books, movies, video games, TV shows, and more!