Christopher Paolini is the featured author all week long on Lytherus! New interview, guest post, giveaways and more

christopher paolini featured author weekChristopher Paolini will be the featured author on Lytherus, Shur’tugal’s sister site for everything fantasy, science fiction, and horror, for the next week! The author will be joining the staff of Lytherus for a full line-up of new content, including a brand new interview, an exclusive guest post written by Christopher, two sets of giveaways, and more!

Here’s a full breakdown of Christopher’s events:

Update: Christopher’s week on Lytherus has come to an end! Be sure to view all of the great featured week content by clicking on the links above. Entries for the final giveaway close on January 29th, so be sure to get your entries in! Be sure to check out Lytherus for more from Christopher, as well as all of the latest news, reviews, and commentary within the worlds of fantasy and scifi!

  • Dragonluverforeverrr

    Seriously. STILL no interview????!!

    • Not sure what you’re talking about. The interview went up yesterday.

    • EternalShade

      Go to lytherus. Hes not posting it here.

  • Ayra & Eragon 4 Eva

    I want to see a time travel story for book 5. The Grey One shows up and takes over. Ayra is forced to flee and winds up with Eragon. They get all down and dirty before Eragon dies from battling the Gray One. Ayra flees with the child in her womb. She gives birth, but the loss of Eragon weakens her will to live and she too dies. The child is hidden, along with Saphira’s Heart of Hearts and her egg. The egg hatches for the kid and Saphira trains them over time. The Grey One finds them and due to some Super Dragon Magic the kid is spent back in time to the end of Book 4. The Kid than convinces his mom and well as Uncles to come and help fight to save not only their future, but everyones as well.

  • Starry

    can’t wait for book 5 !!!

    • imstillhungry95

      Hear, hear!!

      • Dwarfs Rock

        Don’t we all! Cant wait for more about Angela! And the mysterious Tenga!