Catching up with #PaoliniOnTour: Signings, Events, and Sneaky Author Autographs!

A cross between Jules Verne’s “Around the World in 80 Days” and a detective story, no Christopher Paolini book tour is quite right without him leaving his signature in all manner of places, including his signings!

While Christopher is currently on the second and final leg of his international Inheritance book tour, we wanted to share a complete summary of the events and happenings from the first half of his tour. Christopher diligently tweeted photos and information from each tour stop from many different locations in Europe. We’ve compiled hundreds of tweets and images into a three-part series, the first of which will feature photos, tweets, and information from all of Christopher’s signings!

Highlights from the first summary include many “sneaky pictures” of Christopher secretly signing copies of his books in book shops and airport stores he visited, as well as huge and epic book signing events, conventions, and more!

Keep reading for a full look at the summary… and be sure to check out Christopher’s scheduled tour stops in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Someone has been very busy! Sometimes I wish I could get my act together and write my book, but then I see what happens when you become successful, and I get scared

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