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  • ShmaAlaska

    I know this is the wrong place to post something like this, but I have tried the “contact   us” thinger a few times on separate days, and something seems to be not working. But here it is: I’m really disappointed in the lack of follow up on the podcast sweepstakes. I understand that, now that inheritance is out, shurtugal is no longer your primary focus, but I still wish you had run the sweepstakes. I doubt it would be possible now, the probability of people still having the list after nearly a year is quite slim, and there wouldn’t be much interest, but I hope you had post something about it, sometime, rather than letting the opportunity pass by. I really appreciate the podcasts, they really were great, but I’m frustrated by the sweepstakes. A response would be much appreciated. 

  • EternalShade

    I thought it was national peach day….

  • BromxD

    yeap ;D