Last Week on Lytherus: Doctor Who Conquers All, An Insane Amount of Reviews, Anime News Update, Lauren Kate, Michael Scott, and More!

Before this week’s Big Twenty article and Book Club podcast hit, we wanted to share all of the biggest fantasy, scifi, and horror news from the last seven days with our visitors from our sister site, Doctor Who stole the show over the past week as we broke set videos and images from the upcoming Christmas Special, as well as reviews of the final two episodes in the series; new books were announced in the “Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel” and “Fallen” series; Amazon announced the Kindle Fire tablet; Pottermore beta announces some bad news; and more! We also have this month’s “October Game Releases” list available (and it’s a good month!), in addition to our hilarious and entertaining “Weekend Web” column and our “Weekly Anime News Update”.

On top of all of that, we review a number of awesome content — including The Night Circus (Book), The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (Book), new episodes of Supernatural (TV), Hanna (Movie), Devil (Movie), A Game of Thrones (Comics), Abe Sapien, Angels of Faith, Aquaman, Hawkman, and The Flash (all Comics)! Head on over to Lytherus to read the full summary article for links to each news post!

  • Irock13198

    “tik tok, goes the clock.tik tok, goes the clock.tik tok, goes the brave and hid turned away from violence, when he understands the fooling of the silence.”
             -Doctor Who

    This song creeped the hell out of me when that little girl was singing it!

  • The Green dragon

    Um kind of unrelated to the post but does anybody know exactly how Steve Jobs died? Did his cancer come back or did his doctor give him to much of a sleep drug?

  • bigmike

    Phyllis Diller
    “Never go to bed mad. Stay up and fight.”

  • Arya<3

    what happened to pottermore?

    • The Green dragon

      Um I tthhiinnkk that it’s just gonna be a long time before it is available for it to be open to the public.

    • Head on over to Lytherus and read the article 😛

      • Coasterking

        hey mike just sent u a dr. who related email and hoped the email i sent in earlier made u laugh but did  you guys know about the extended chapers in the deluxe edition of brisingr?

        • Yes.  I think I mentioned one in the last podcast! 😛

          • Coasterking

            must have missed that there is another in the next chunck

  • 557

    Mike has said before that he doesn’t get to choose when to release important things like the interview. I’m sure that as soon as he can release it he will and so complaining about it wont do anything except make you look like a jerk…

  • Part 2 has been done for awhile.  Just waiting on the green light

    • Feisty-fitz


    • Irock13198

      well thanks, but this just makes me more anxious!

  • Matt

    What should also be in this post is “part 2 of the comic con interview with CP”. You guys are the ones that said “before the end of September”…

    • Peeved

      If you think you know what should happen, then you should go interview CP yourself and upload it.  If you know how a fan site should run, then you should go make your own.  Otherwise, please stop complaining.  It just ticks most people off.

      • inheritance fan

        matt does bring up a valid point.  they did say before the end of september.  it seems like a common theme on this site that they often say things will be out or ready on a certain day, and it wont be out until 2 or more days after that.  i am not angry it takes so long, and i get why they wouldnt release the whole interview at once.  i just get angry when i am lied to about when things will come out.  i wish they would stop making promises that aren’t kept.  they sometimes give excuses that are reasonable, but it is a little ridiculous how often the date we are told something will be out and the date it actually comes out are different

    • Peeved

      If you think you know what should happen, then you should go interview CP yourself and upload it.  If you know how a fan site should run, then you should go make your own.  Otherwise, please stop complaining.  It just ticks most people off.

  • yes what vanir65 said

  • Vanir65

    How about Part 2 of the Comic-Con interview???

    • DragonsAreAwesome

      I know that Mike has been sick and so everything is delayed.  Things happen that are unexpected so everyone just has to be patient.

      • Me

        I like the name, also 😛

      • Yeah, my schedule is beyond messed up now. I had a nice neat list of days and a nice schedule to stick with until Book 4 hits… that’s all ruined. I’m going to do my best to get us back on track.

        • greenie

          Mike, so what’s the next thing on you schedule?

          • Well, I had three meetings today, now I have to finish reading for the podcast, then recording that at 4:30pm EST, then after that I need to finish the Big Twenty and get some Lytherus posts up. Then I have to work on the stuff I committed to during those three meetings. 😉

          • greenie

            i meant what you were going to put up next on shurtugal

          • Coasterking

            so wheres the big 20

        • kb

          Plans are an invitation to disapointment 

    • Soon.

      • Samuel

        you feeling better

      • Samuel

        hey mike not to insult or anything but your release date is wrong it says it releases on the 7th

      • Vanir65

        Awesome! Thank you for the update

      • Coasterking

        thanks for the info mike

      • Irock13198

        your like the person that when they say somthing, it is important, and you say it in the least amount of words

        • hoke

          no comment

          • Irock13198