Christopher Paolini’s Comic-Con Events are Officially Announced

Comic-Con 2011 officially kicks off on Thursday, July 21st at the San Diego Convention Center! Christopher Paolini will be in attendance and the staff of Shur’tugal and Lytherus will be on hand to shadow Christopher during each of his events. Additionally, we will be conducting an interview with the author on Thursday which will release some time during the week following Comic-Con.

Christopher’s Comic-Con events have been officially announced and include:

Thursday, July 21st

“Putting the EPIC in EPIC FANTASY” Panel

George R.R. Martin (A Game of Thrones), Brandon Sanderson (The Way of Kings), Patrick Rothfuss (The Name of the Wind), Christopher Paolini (The Inheritance Cycle), Peter Orullian (The Unremembered), KJ Taylor (The Fallen Moon series), and Kevin J. Anderson (Terra Incognita).

**We will be live-blogging this event from the show! Check on Shur’tugal during the panel times (noon to 1pm PST) for the live blog!

“Putting the EPIC in EPIC FANTASY” Author Book Signing

This book signing features all of the authors from the earlier panel. Christopher Paolini will be signing copies of his first three novels as well as INHERITANCE posters.

Sketching Live at the Random House Booth

Christopher Paolini will begin work on an art sketch to be raffled off later during the convention! This will take place at the Random House booth in the convention center.

Friday, July 22nd

Christopher Paolini Solo Author Book Signing

Christopher Paolini will be holding a solo book signing at the convention center’s autographing area. Fans can have copies of Inheritance books signed in addition to receiving signed INHERITANCE posters.

Sketching Live at the Random House Booth

Christopher Paolini will finish his art sketch at the Random House booth during the second day of Comic-Con.

Shur’tugal Interview with Christopher Paolini

Our interview with Christopher will take place on Thursday. Questions will be closed for submitting early Wednesday morning. If you have not already submitted your questions for the interview, please be sure to read the requirements on our announcement post and send those in before Wednesday morning.

Live Coverage of All Comic-Con Events! staff will be on hand during Comic-Con to cover all of the biggest news and events from the annual pop-culture convention, officially kicking off our coverage on Wednesday! Be sure to check back on Lytherus throughout the week for the latest and greatest news!