Questions for our Exclusive Interview with CP Are Now Closed

Questions for the exclusive interview with Christopher Paolini at Comic-Con are now officially closed. Our staff will begin to pick through these submitted questions, choosing the best of the bunch to throw at Christopher during our sit-down on Thursday. Our interview will not be live but should be posted within a week following the conclusion of Comic-Con!

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    So, are we ever gonna get to see this interview?

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    Bear with me here… I think that   Eragon’s one true love is Arya, but
    that she feels that she should not, can not reciprocate those feelings.
    However, in book 4 there is going to be mutual suffering and sadness on a
    grand scale, and nothing brings people together like shared pain. Allow
    me to digress for a moment to explain something.

    Throughout the
    series there are scenes of akwardness on both sides regarding their
    relationship (such as when Eragon and Arya share the room at the inn).
    This works excellently to build up an atmosphere of unresolved sexual
    tension, that when combined with the suffering creates passion for each
    other on both sides. Arya will in the heat of this passion come to FEEL
    her love for Eragon as opposed to THINKING it.
    Though what I’m about
    to say will seem a little convoluted, my reasons for it actually take up
    a whole page… Bottom line, the sexual tension will be resolved in a
    very intimate night (that also is the end of Arya’s feeling and the
    start of her thinking again) and Arya will be pregnant with Eragon’s

    The next morning, Arya will sense the child’s “thoughts”
    and realize what happened. Eragon and Arya will first grow more distant
    then come together over the child and share a closeness like a family
    (along with Saphira, of course).
    Now I’d like you to remember that
    elf children are the most powerful members of there race and the scene
    in Brisingr where the elf children and Maud watch Eragon in Rhunon’s
    forge. I would also like you to recall the Urgal legend that Eragon was
    told by Nar Garhzvog.

    Enter the Menoa tree: There are many, many
    similarities between the Urgal legend and what happened between Eragon
    and the Menoa Tree. I personally think that the “pinch” that Eragon felt
    was like the signing of an unbreakable “contract.” The Tree could
    harness the power and grace of the elf child in many ways to help
    herself and the forest, maybe going so far as to make it a part of the
    Keep in mind that Arya’s pregnancy does not necessarily have
    to be nine months. Being that she, Eragon, and the child are all
    magical, perhaps the process is expedited sort of like how Eragon
    condensed months of growing for a flower into many minutes, though not
    as drastic.

    After the Menoa Tree takes the child Eragon and Arya
    will once again grow distant, and after Galbatorix is toppled, Eragon
    will have nothing left for him in Alagaesia and will leave forevermore.
    If Arya is with him is questionable.

    Feel free to tell what you think about my theory and what you think, I’d love to hear it!

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    How will we know if our questions were picked or not?

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      question, can we submit more questions?

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    Fuck this shit WE WANT BOOK 4!!