Comic-Con Coverage – Post-Trip Coverage Schedule

Comic-Con itself has come and gone but Shur’tugal’s coverage of the annual pop culture convention is far from over! Many of you are fully aware that Shur’tugal staff spent five days covering nearly every aspect of the convention and brought back much to show for it – pictures, video, reports, interviews, and free stuff!

We are very excited to share the final product of our coverage with you and have put together a schedule of when to expect each type of content over the next week. This schedule includes when you’ll find our interviews with Christopher Paolini in addition to a new episode of Shurtycast. Keep reading for a full schedule!What’s Coming Very Soon?

Tuesday – Comic-Con Galleries
Including Christopher Paolini at Comic-Con, Comic-Con Panels and Book Signings, Comic-Con General Floor and Show Pictures, Costumes at Comic-Con, Doctor Who at Comic-Con, and Twitter Update Photos.

Thursday– Comic-Con Trip Summary
A written look at Shur’tugal’s trip to Comic-Con written by Mike Macauley.

Friday through Sunday – Comic-Con Favorites
Articles written by attending staff members discussing their favorite aspects of Comic-Con 2010!

Monday – Panel Reviews and Detailed Panelist Information
Each of our panels will get its own write-up discussing the panel’s content and information on each panelist. The panels were incredibly interesting and we can’t wait to share them with you!

Very Soon But No Specific Date

Shur’tugal’s Interview with Christopher (June, July, and August’s Monthly Q&A)
Trust us, we know you want to hear our interview with Christopher Paolini. As always, it was a blast to sit down with the Inheritance author and throw every possible question we could his way. He answered many, was stumped by some, impressed by others, and we finally got around to asking the questions we ask you not to send in – how’s Book 4 coming along? When will it be released? Title? Cover?

With that said, it’s coming soon! We’re waiting to receive the audio files from the great folks at Suvudu who lent us their audio equipment during the convention. The interview will be released in parts (either two parts or three) and we will immediately begin releasing these parts the day we receive the audio files. Soon!

Shurtycast Episode 202
We’re recording a special Comic-Con episode of our revived podcast series very soon. Expect this toward the end of this week! We’ll also be discussing The Inheritance Almanac, Mike Macauley’s recently announced Inheritance book!

Trip Video
If we’re able to splice together the very little footage we were able to take during the trip we’ll be releasing a short video from Comic-Con!

  • Brom88

    And keep it up mike macauley i enjoy reading your posts.

  • Brom88

    @gashz: I understand your concern about more info on book 4 but we must remeber that writing a book is not the easiest thing in the world especially for CP because of his excellent writing skills, i mean think about it he has made one of the best series EVER and, so to end it, he must concentrate as hard as he can. so give CP a break so he can give us the best ending if the world.

  • Eldest13

    Lol, two years man. It came out in 2008. But I see your point.

  • gashz

    I don’t know if anyone will read this, but I just wanted to apologize for what I wrote. I myself am interested in the pictures, the interviews, the news etc… I am just frustrated at how long book 4 is taking, and how little news about it comes from Paolini. We have waited years, YEARS for book 4. I was just hoping the interview would clear up some questions and so I am impatient. The interviews, and pictures, are highly interesting; my frustration is just misguided and for that I apologize.

  • Chris

    Yeah it doesn’t make sense for us not to post other news. It’s kind of stupid to say we shouldn’t. Here’s your book 4 run down: Green dragon on the cover. The story will have a few loose ends left open. There’s a lot of werecats.
    Check back in 6 months.

  • Mike

    Gashz — You said that no one cares about the galleries. Figured I’d fill you in a bit more: our page views DOUBLED yesterday due to the galleries. Apparently you were wrong.

  • brisingradurna88

    Thanks for posting the pictures and everything! It’s great for those of us who are interested in comic-con and can’t make it! Thanks again!!!!

  • Mike

    Gashz, there are only so many times we can say “Paolini is writing Book 4”. When I stop covering other news, people whine that I don’t post news more. When I post news more, you whine that I should post news less.

    Here’s the thing: Me posting this news can in no way negatively impact your viewing experience. Why? Because if I wasn’t posting this Comic-Con news I wouldn’t be posting anything else in its stead. Instead of this fun-to-read off-beat news you’d get no news. No updates. Because there’s not much more to say about Book 4 until it’s done. So instead of letting the website sit and rot, I’ve decided to keep it active and fresh with other topics of interest that appeal to this audience.

    Don’t like it? Don’t read it.

  • gashz


    Other websites can cover all this comic con crap, shurtugal destroyed its competitors and no one else covers cp news. I am one of the oldest users of this website after the release of Eragon. Back when moderators didn’t have chokeholds on the fanfiction and forums. This website was much better when everyone tried less. Mike is working hard and I respect that but he should focus on book 4. And so should paolini…

  • #$%&

    @gashz: vai-te foder cabrão! they do this for the fans who visit the site, they went to all this trouble so that peple who wouldn’t be able to go could know what it was like, next time think twice

  • ShurtugalLiam

    Agreed with the windows 7, but Ubuntu murdered my computer lol!

    And for the dude who is smashing on Mike’s pictures, i have hardly seen your name on here, so if you’re a new user, don’t critizise things we’re used to on this site, if you please. And also, many us HAVE been asking for these pictures and such. I for one am glad they are now posted, living in the UK this is not something i get to witness.

  • Daniel

    @Robert Cox: Agreed about the user error. 😉 Also, Windows 7/Ubuntu 10.04 are awesome.

    Is there anything big outside of Comic Con coverage in the near future?

  • SilverMagic

    I’m excited for the upcoming days. I think it’s great you guys went to all this trouble for us. Thanks a bunch for all your hard work 🙂

  • Eldest13

    I care. That stuff is cool, and for those of us who wanted to go, it is sort of like compensation.
    And I’m sure Mike is doing his best.

  • Mike

    Judging by the traffic statistics to non-Inheritance stuff from Comic-Con, including pictures, LOTS of people care about pictures and other trip reports.

    We also receive a LOT of requests for audio and video interviews with Christopher. We had a chance to sit down in person with Christopher at Comic-Con and instead of doing a written interview again, we went with an audio interview.

    If you’re unsatisfied with our coverage, please feel free to stop reading it.

  • gashz

    Actually I take that back, people care about the interview and Mike’s book. That is it. Who cares about pictures? We weren’t there…..and has for a transcript to the interview, can’t somone just pirate Dragon Naturally Speaking…or something?

  • gashz

    I get the impression that the people who work at Shurtugal think we care about any of this… All that anyone cares about is the Paolini interview, and I highly doubt a ton of people will be thrilled to listen to it instead of reading it. Just post the written interview everything else can wait. Wasn’t this website made to cover the inheritance news?

  • Smoke


  • Bob

    I call it user error!

  • Mike

    I would love to share specific dates/goals with you guys in the future but the few who choose to throw hissy fits rather than understand why there are sometimes delays make it very difficult for us to do so.

    As for my “inferior” computer, blame Microsoft. My computer is awesome… Windows is not.

  • Daniel

    @Chris Addison: Looks like Mike needs an upgrade. xD

  • Chris

    We actually recorded a podcast already but mike’s inferior computer deleted his half of the thing, so we have to do another one ;(

  • Eldest13

    Oh my god, I can’t wait.

  • alucard

    Well, I won’t expect anything on any certain date until I see it on the homepage (just to be on the safe side).

  • ShurtugalLiam

    ****ing awesome dudes!!

    😀 i seriously can’t wait till the “not specified date” 😀 or the next episode of Shurtycast. Its good you haven’t specified a date for the interview because people get all moody when you’re late and stuff LOL!
    thanks guys you’re legends! 😀