Comic-Con 2010 Galleries Now Live

Our galleries from this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego are now live! Shur’tugal tagged along with Christopher Paolini and a whole host of Random House authors for this year’s convention and we are delighted to finally share the images we brought back home! We’ve divided the content into several galleries:

Christopher Paolini at Comic-Con
Series of pictures from Christopher Paolini’s events in addition to Christopher browsing many of the show floor’s booths.

Author Panels and Book Signings
Series of pictures from various fantasy and sci-fi themed panels attended by!

Comic-Con Pictures from the Show Floor
One of our most fascinating galleries — Pictures from the Show Floor features a large selection of pictures documenting exactly what it was like to attend 2010’s Comic-Con International.

Costumes at Comic-Con
Many people put days and even weeks into their Comic-Con costumes! Check out some of our favorites.

Doctor Who Fan Meet-up
It’s no secret that the Shur’tugal staff (and even the Paolini family) are big fans of the British TV series Doctor Who! Come along with us to the fan costume meet-up!

  • Bob

    In my defense, I pretty much ignored him…

  • Eldest13

    Awsome! These pics were worth the wait! You guys rock!

  • #$%&

    didn’t meant that offensive, if I did to anyone, sorry

  • Dragonasker

    cool, always happy to see anything that happens in the rest of the world nothing but politics ever happens down south, with the exception of the rugby world cup but I hate rugby… Anyways that was off topic these are some okay pictures, thanks MIKE!

  • Mike

    Apologies for this being up a bit later than expected. We had some major problems with our gallery software and Robert wasn’t able to fix it so I had to call in a few favors to get it fixed. 😛 Works now though!