Exclusive: Brisingr Deluxe Edition Contents

Our friends at Random House have sent us the full list of new content and artwork to be added to Brisingr to form the Brisingr Deluxe Edition, as well as the newly formatted book cover, set to be released in the United States on October 13, 2009! The contents include deleted scenes, guides, and drawings! Keep reading for a detailed list of everything the Deluxe Edition will contain.The following items will make an exclusive appearance in the Brisingr Deluxe Edition (in addition to the content found in a regular copy of Brisingr):

  • Two substansive deleted scenes that didn’t make it in to the original publication of Brisingr!
  • An exclusive, full-color foldout poster of the Lethrblaka by John Jude Palencar
  • Never-before-seen art by Christopher Paolini – a portrait of King Galbatorix!
  • A guide to dwarf runes, written by Christopher Paolini
  • The book cover (shown on the book cover graphic as yellow/gold) and book spine will be covered in golden foil.
  • Pre-order your copy of the Brisingr Deluxe Edition now!
  • You can ensure you get one of the first copies of the Brisingr Deluxe Edition by pre-ordering your copy through Amazon.com for $19.79 (over $10 in savings!). Remember, you won’t find any of the exclusive content in the Brisingr Deluxe Edition anywhere else!

    In the mean time, be sure to keep an eye on the new Brisingr Deluxe Edition count down we’ve added to the navigation of Shur’tugal as well as our new system of news posts and columns, keeping the site updated on a near-daily basis!

    • eragonkingfan

      the eragon sword under merchandise is wrong that is zarroc which has a ruby not a saphire and eragons actuall sword from book 4 is blue and has a saphire and it’s called brisinger dumnuts

    • ola2415
    • ola2415

      Ohhh, I just can;t wait for the book 4!!!
      Let’s hope he finishes it fast

      Btw heres a link with potition for remaking the movie Eragon.
      Please everyone sign! ;]


      To me robert jordan was the best writer but Christopher Paolini is an awesome writer too. can’t wait for book 4 to come out.

    • Sparrow®

      As if someone is better than Paolini this is J.R.R.Tolkien. Excluding him Paolini is the best. Forget Jordan or even Zelazni. Paolini has done a great job since he has been 15 years old. I hope there will be an endless cycle of books according to Eragon. Or may be his children (Half-Elfs ^^ Arya born them.)

    • belgarath

      Paolini rules, but David Eddings is still the best writer ever.

    • wolf

      what is the alageasia guide?and eragon looks alot small compared to the other books and since the 4 book is part off the 3d book it should be small so im not worried.im not worried.im not.im… I SAID IM NOT!!!!

    • Birchgirl

      I can’t wait for the fourth book!! and twilight fan, they’re not dissing you as much as they are dissing the books. Personnaly the only part i like is the one of bella’s amazing new powers!!!!! yay she has them too!

    • suntanman

      If anyone has a link to C.P ‘s galby art can u plz paste it


    • BigC

      im liking the new website colour and the lethrblaka. also mike, i know that you have other things to do but could you tell us when the next interview is. if you cant i totally understand.

    • SvetenHA

      Ranger7: Quote from main page..”We recently posted that the intended release date for the Deluxe Edition of Brisingr was October 23rd. This information was incorrect.”

      Please.. enlighten me with your infinite wisdom O Smitten One.


      I don’t understand why all of you inheritance fans (I’m one also) diss the twilighters. None of them diss other books, so why are you guys acting like jerks when there is absolutely no reason for it. Learn to grow up and accept that people like other things.

    • sixpackman

      Preordered from Chapters in Edmonton, AB, received book in mail yesterday…..

    • Dan777

      I agree with All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh i would feel wierd reading a book in the store just to find the deleted pages. but lets face it, we buy books if the cover interests us, so I have no problem with peaking at a poster.

      P.S. twilight is terrible and looks like they were writen just to get the book into readers hands based on you timeline. And im sure that every fan of inheritance would rather wait than have a half writen book in their laps. take your time C.P.

    • Jeremy

      What a waste of money… why pay 20 dollars to read a book with a couple more words, a small poster, and a fancy cover…..

    • MeghanSwiftSword

      Well said A.H.E.M.:)


    • RangerZero7

      SvetenHA, i’m sure that mike has worked extremely hard on the quetions for this last month, and they changed the date, it wasnt that he got it wrong. please for the benefit of us all, dont post stupid things that you don’t really know anything about. all it does ius lower my hopes for the rest of humanity

    • SvetenHA

      This just proves Mike’s incompetence. I mean really, you got the date wrong!? And still no September interview… Fail.

    • All.Hail.Emperor.Murtagh

      Boy, this sure turned into a crazy quadmire of arguments quickly. Where are all these guests coming from?

      Personally, I don’t think it would be that unethical to take a look at the deluxe edition’s extra content in the store without buying it. A couple of deleted scenes and artwork are great bonuses for a book that you’re going to read, but I don’t think they’re worth 30 bucks just for themselves.

      I got the Eldest limited edition, but only because I started reading the Cycle a little later than most, and Eldest was already released, so I got my money’s worth. In the case of Eldest, the best extra content was by far the “Domia Abr Wyrda” which actually put a timeline of sorts in place.

      In the case of the Brisingr deluxe edition, what I’m most interested is the portrait of Galbatorix . . . I’d probably take a look at the copy in the store just to see that, but I probably wouldn’t just sit there and start paging through it looking for deleted scenes. It would feel weird, standing there reading a book I’m looking at but haven’t bought.

      And BTW, I’d like to mention that every author writes at different paces. For example, Harry Potter books were released as:

      Sorcerer’s Stone in 1997.
      Chamber of Secrets in 1998.
      Prisoner of Askaban in 1999.
      Goblet of Fire in 2000.
      Order of the Phoenix in 2003.
      Half-Blood Prince in 2005.
      Deathly Hallows in 2007.

      As for Inheritance:

      Eragon in 2002.
      Eragon republished by Knopf in 2003.
      Eldest in 2005.
      Brisingr in 2008.
      It is currently 2009.

      In comparison, the mostly crappy “Twilight” series books were all released within one year of one another.

    • feanarang

      Buddy, the fifth book would not be part of the IC (Inheritance Cycle) at all. Eragon’s story with King Galbatorix will conclude in Book IV. If there is a fifth book (and I hope there is!) then it will be a stand-alone novel set in Alagaesia.

      Oh and typing in all caps the the equivilant of SHOUTING. Please don’t.

    • Hawkdragon24

      Can’t wait for Book IV but i will because it will be awsome. I really want to know, and no one seems to list these on the loose ends forum, WHAT DID MURTAGH SAY TO THE SOLDIERS!? pg:130 Brisingr. Its gonna rock!!!


      I wonder if the eragon’s guide to alagaesia is going to be good. I hope he doesn’t take 3 years to complete book 4 but if he does I hope he ends it great and hope this fifth book rumor is just that a runor


      sorry its how i type

    • Hammmmmm

      Dude, stop posting in CAPS.





    • rangoon

      As much as i know that i speak for most fans that we want the book as soon as possible, i do not foresee a release date for the fourth book until 2012. So far it has taken him 3 years between each book: eragon 2002, eldest 2005, and brisingr 2008. This last book is going to be more challenging then the rest because all the loose ends have to be tied up in the final installment.

      I have heard a rumor that there would be a fifth book now because there are a lot of things to get done in the last book, and as nice as that would be i just want it done. i think he can tie up all the loose ends in 3 years with about a year to publishing, which is why i say 2012.





    • Eliseo

      I’ll only say this “you can’t hurry perfection” if you want a good book you should learn to wait for it

    • chrishudson

      i just would like to offer my congradulations to Mr. paolini for his fanominal job with all three books so far i have just finished reading brisingr and started reading them about january. they are amaizing books that capture your thoughts and make you want to never stop reading. I wish him the best of luck with finishing the fourth book but want him not to rush himself no matter what others say because if he isnt pleased with it then it isnt ready.

    • EpicWarrior

      I went through many of everyones comments and many of you made very valid posts on every side. I agree that the it has taken an incredibly long time to write 4 books, and at the same time i dont want the cycle to end in a big flop. CP has to make this one better than the other three and make up something so compelling and different from any other story that the critics can\’t complain(good luck , right?). The deluxe editions, which have been released after each book, shouldnt really be a big suprise…they are there to give us more material to chew on and mull over, and also to keep us wanting more(it seems like its working to me). Me personally, am glad to see everyone so stoked over the next book(even as going as far as to be mad at the poor guy!), which will possibly mean future great works from this exceptional author. I agree with djb1492, keep looking forward to book 4, but experiment with new material….anne mcafery if you\’re into dragons, enders series if you like sci-fi, or the halo series which has its ups and downs. There is a whole world of awesome literature to be explored, so explore it!

      May your Swords Stay Sharp.

    • Crescent

      *edit. Inheritence Series. Immortal’s is Tamora Pierce’s.

    • Crescent

      I’m a big fan of fantasy books, and I’m not ashamed to say my reading really only goes so far as the more publicised, or very little publicised books, since my book access was really only my school library. I own all the HP, Twilight, and now Eragon books, plus I’ve read quite a few of Tamora Pierces’s books, Abhorsen and many others. You can never be too old to enjoy fantasy. I was loving HP when I was 11, and now 8 years later I’m still dying for the last two movies to come out. I loved Eragon when I first read it, and now I’m just as eager to have the final book come out for the Immortals Series.

      The note in the back of Brisingr from Paolini had the date August 2008, and here we are just starting September 2009. The process of writing, editing, rewriting, editing and the million other drafts, hands, and finalizations a book has to go through, it’s no wonder there isn’t even a glimmer of a release date yet, and I check frequently for one. Screaming on a fan-based website for him to release the fourth book now isn’t going to hurry up the process any quicker. Go find another good book to read, and stop being a menace to the fan base.

      As for the Brisingr Delux edition, it’s only $20. If you’re a collector, or you have the $20 to spare, it’s probably a good deal. If not, then why complain about it? Just don’t buy it.

      I think Paolini’s a good author, especially for having started so young and with an idea that I’m sure MANY people have imagined, but he put to paper in his own way, and did a pretty decent job of it.

    • Joanna

      I dont care what u guys sayin

      i love paolini

      and ladyaeryn is right

      u can go to a store or a library and read it

      it is not a problem

      btw i cant wait to buy the 4th book even if my country is the last that releases it

    • ShurtugalLiam

      i think the deluxe edition was a bit weird … but for the next one to be great then he’s going to have to take his time isnt he?

      i think that it was a big tedious to wait nearly 3 years for brisingr, but if he knows what hes writing this book shouldnt take that long to write.

      we just need to be patient 🙂

      and i agree, the first film was a big suckish because they missed bomb loads out, they’d have to cut loads out of eldest just to make eragon make sense. i dont see why people are making out like CP copied star wars and lord of the rings, cause i dont really see it, and im a big fan of starwars and lord of the rings. 😀

      lol 🙂 im not buying the deluxe brisingr edition though “/

    • rapier

      who cares about this delixe edition…..i mean cp should reallybe writing book 4 and instead wastin his time nd our money for just some deleted scenes and bullshit…i did sat that cp has pissed me off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rorsach101

      what the hell are you sayinng abe!!!!what the hell are you bitching about!!!!his books are awsome and if time is the price,whatever!in between books,try reading another godamn book(s) in the meantime insted of bieng a total ass and dumping on him!his books are awsome!do you think you can do better.FREAKING doubt it!

    • Violet

      (This is to the people that argue that the book should already have been released for different reasons)

      Ok, CP wrote the 3rd book, but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too long, so he chops it in half, writes up a more sensable ending and releases book 3. Now he has to go back and write book 4 differently to cover what he had to take out of book 3, so it all is understand-able. Also, getting the book read and the poorly worded sentances, and other errors corrected takes time.

      I totally can not wait for book 4 to come out. =D

    • jdog42

      i think that it is nonsense that there gonna make us pay 30 dollars for something we already went out and got/and i too am agrevated that we have too wait so long for book four but i love the series so ill wait/i try to keep busy by reading other great books like harry potter and lotr.peace

    • deathmanic

      why won’t you give him a break. Everyone knows that there are anti-inheritance cycle people out there but would you the same complaining to other authors who write good books. These don’t come easily to the author so give Chris a break and shut up your damn whinning because it won’t make the 4th come out as fast. Make the last book the best Chris.

    • tblake

      i have read all 3 books of the inheritence cycle, and i think all 3 are great, i read a lot of books, i love the halo series and the twilight series, but the inheritence cycle is by far the best. i have read them over 4 times each and im only 15. books are a passion of mine but i also am the schools biggest jock, so books arnt for nerds, i love this series. he takes a long time to publish the books because he wants everything to be perfect so when we get them we will love them.

    • Jacob

      Look, you guys saying,”It takes time to write books” or stuff similar, should know. CP said he was making 4 books because the 4th was to long! How would he know the overrall page count # without writing the whole thing? The 4th book should ALREADY be done and ready for publishing right? It wouldnt take nearly a year to type or write 1000 pages, especially if you already knew what you wanted to write! This is why a lot of people are being unpatient!

    • smrt=gii a

      hmm book 3 seemed to be disappointing to me… and don’t spam useless things about ‘gimmie book 4 cuz i r n00bing time’. please. If you are one of those people, I believe you should learn that spamming won’t save you 5 monthes of waiting. There are other good books out there that can stave off your hunger for his books. If for whatever reason he does actually read these comments for boredom… etc then spamming will make him take longer because you wasted a chunk of that stranger’s life.

    • Eragonrocks

      Ok people he takes a while to write the best books ever thought of At least we’re waiting for a good book instead of that twilight and harry potter crap i mean what the hell is wrong with jk rowling and stephanie meyer, we dont want vampires, we dont want wizards, WE WANT DRAGONS

    • djb1492

      While I agree that some authors took a long time to write their classics, please dont put CP into the same category as Clemens or Fitzgerald. He is good, but not enough time has passed for him to reach their status, plus CP is still alive. For those who liked the first book when you were in 4th grade but have to vent your spleen because your are now grown up, dont make me laugh. Your tirades prove that you are not mature enough to handle the world and other peoples timetables. I enjoy the books. I enjoyed Eragon when I first read it and I have been enjoying Brisingr this week. And I dont feel the need to browbeat him into writing faster. It will take him as long as it takes him to write it. My life will continue whether it is published tomorrow or in 2 years. In the meantime try some other works of fiction. Anne McCaffreys Dragonriders of PERN series is good if you want to keep with the dragon theme. For plain old SciFi try Larry Niven or Robert Heinlein or Ray Bradbury. Then the wait for book 4 wont seem as long.

    • Marco

      Don’t rush him CP is awesome, he came to my school and he is a brilliant intelligent guy.
      He isn’t your slave, he writes because that is his passion. Yelling at him will only make him lose confidence so whilst you wait, try read some works by some other writers, CP isn’t the only one out there (although he is one of the best :P).
      I probably will be getting the deluxe edition and shall pay how ever much it costs, I already own Brisingr.
      If you are a true fan and you want Book IV so bad surely you would be interested in the Deluxe Edition?
      Anyways I don’t care how long it takes for CP to write his last book, I care that it contains quality AND quantity 😛

    • Shianne

      Give the guy some credit, his books are amazing no matter how long it takes him to write them. I love reading them and though I wish he’d write the last one already I’m in no hurry. At least if he takes his time it’s more likely to be good. L. J. Smith is only writing the final 10th book to his series this year where as the last book came out a decade ago. Loads of authors take a while to write thier books. Harry Potter was only written bit by bit over a period of time. Read other books in your spare time and give the guy a break. I love this series and though I’d like a date to look forwawrd to it’ll come out when he think’s it’s ready, and I for one can’t wait for that day=]

    • Jacob

      Are you serious? The first book was just a bunch of rip-off stuff from star wars! The names are bascically just Lord Of The Rings! And now, you are making a freaking “Deluxe Edition” for the 3rd book for $30! Come on! How can a book have “Deleted Scenes”?!?!? Seriously, the 4th book BETTER be worth my time!

    • Sonnie

      You all need to grow up im just as impatient as the next guy, but give the guy a break it does take time to perfect a good thing if you dont want to read it then move on and dont worry about it I for one look forward to the last book which i hope will be soon………

    • settledown!!

      a lot of you guys are getting overley poed by cp from which most aguments i agree with by you guys should still settle down. P.S CP man i do really have to agree with everyone else by saying whens book 4 coming out!!?? i mean i thought you had this all planned out and only split the books ’cause it was too bis (which i still think is absolute b.s.

    • qwerty

      @ melissa

      Why would we want a second movie.

      Its not even possible b/c arya already left eragon back in the mountians, so he would have no way to get to the elves.

      Also Orik went missing in the movie!!!!

      Or another reason there wont be another movie is b/c the first one sucked!!

    • CPfan

      DON”T RUSH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Great works of art take time. Rome was NOT built in a day. Give CP at least 3 years, if you do, it will be worth your while.

      -It took 12 years for Samuel Clemens to write Huckleberry fin.

      -Francis S. Fitzgerld spent DAYS upon DAYS writing only a few paragraph to make them perfect for ‘The Great Gatsby’

      SO DON’T RUSH HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be patience and he will reward you with a great final book. Just wait a few years.

    • Arreis

      OMG JUST FINISH THE FOURTH BOOK WHY DONT YOU!!!!!! Your supposed to do all the special edition stuff LAST! PLEASE!!!!!! I BEG OF YOU!!!!!!!

    • Abe

      Paolini, you started out with so much potential. Inheritance is an amazing series; atleast I thought so, IN THE 4th GRADE!! What the hell are you doing there in Montana? Riding horses all day, did you have a concussion and forget the ending, or are you just an untalented author with no understanding of the concept of time management? For freak’s sake, I liked power rangers when I started reading your book, and now I’m graduating from high school, and I have absolutely no more interest in you book. Face it, your audience is growing up but you’re stuck in your little fantasy world because you had no business starting a story that you were not capable of finishing in sufficient time. J.K Rowling could probably write 15 harry potter books, in the time you took to write brisingr (which I by the way hate cuz I’m too old for that stuff now.) Bottomline, BUY A CALENDAR OR ATLEAST A WATCH. You’re horrible.

    • LadyAeryn

      I don’t know what the heck everyones problem is? If you want to see the deleted scenes (which I didn’t know books had) just wait to it’s freaking at Sam’s or Walmart and read it in the store, like I did with Eldest. NO FREAKING DUH!!! Jeeze. P.S. Can’t wait for the 4th book!

    • TskTsk

      why couldn’t you just leave the chapters in!!!!!!! I want to read the deleted chapters. But i dont want to spend 30 FREAKING DOLARS on a book i already have!!!!!!!


      Release Book IV now!!

    • phillyfakeout

      what the hell! the deluxe edition has deleted scenes. ITS A BOOK HOW DOES IT HAVE DELETED SCENES. yet another attempt to suck us dry of money

    • BrightScales

      Angela, what race does she descend from?

    • Cantor

      “this is ridiculous. i thought the last bit of book three said you’d finished writing the series. what’s the hold up? honestly, the only reason i read your juvenile nonsense is because i started in fifth grade when the context and your writing “style” was age appropriate and i desire closure. it’s really just a fantasy classics bitten piece of plagerism and i don’t see why you’re having such a hard time finishing it up. we all know what’s going to happen. cash in on our ill-spent money already. the movie was junk. you make me sad. sellout.”

      I agree with this comment completely.

    • dissapointed

      this is ridiculous. i thought the last bit of book three said you’d finished writing the series. what’s the hold up? honestly, the only reason i read your juvenile nonsense is because i started in fifth grade when the context and your writing “style” was age appropriate and i desire closure. it’s really just a fantasy classics bitten piece of plagerism and i don’t see why you’re having such a hard time finishing it up. we all know what’s going to happen. cash in on our ill-spent money already. the movie was junk. you make me sad. sellout.

    • justsomeguy

      i so totally agree. its all about cash. just look at the deluxe editions. all this paolini guy cares about is how much of our hard earned money he can get from us.

    • $$moneyhungry$$

      book 1 & 2 were action packed and very well written. BUT, after reading book 3, i feel like it is nothing but drawn out crap. i can sum up the whole book in about a hundred pages. it’s like Paolini just drug it out with nosense just to fill up the pages and make money off of an extra book. he seems to have forgotten that we authors have an obligation to our fans. NOT our bank accounts. i write because i love it and want to share my stories, and i would do so even if i had to do it for free.

    • Taco

      Damn, I don’t want to rebuy the book. Especially since I JUST finished re-reading the series this morning. If there was a guide to writing the ancient language, rather than the dwarf language, I’d probably pick it up.

    • Melissa

      Book 4 is highly anticipated by all!

      I would also like to see a 2nd movie! Any chance of that?! I’ve been waiting since Eragon released!

      You gotta give us something to go on! We’re all desperate!

    • Maddi

      That is nice and all but what I really want is BOOK 4!!!!!

    • iHateElves

      IDC about a deluxe edition book 3, just give us book 4!

    • Angelkitty

      All ur books are so interesting to read..I really cant wait for the 4th book to come out =P

    • Allison

      trying to guess what happens next is going to drive me nuts

    • Jason


    • Tessa

      I CAN NOT WAIT till the 4th book comes out.

    • CaptainHollyShort

      Ahhh can’t wait for book 4!!! CP outdid himself with book 3!

    • glaedristhebest

      this is the best website ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it also gives updates on book four

    • OneTallNerd

      Man im going crazy for the 4th book im just hoping it releases this year. Paolini you are an amazing writer for your age.

    • awesome

      this cycle is awesome i love eragon and eldest and brisingr. so far paolini is a genius and i cant wait to finish brisingr. i hope book 4 comes out soon. i just loooooooooooove eragon and eldest. book 4 is sure to be amazing. these are the best books ever. you are awesome, paolini i cant believe you were so young when you wrote eragon. peace out, from awesome.

    • beastly6650

      i loooooove the inheritance cycle i cant wait to finish brisingr

    • Neil

      I have been a fan of this series since the first book came out from the family themselves, this might seem bad and unappreciative of him to do it with deluxe editions but it is always worth it. I love the fact that he does it this way that way i dont have to wait 4 years without ever seeing anything new. when you read the deluxe edition you will see why he added what he did. just stay with it and you wil find that you love the suspense and time you have put into the books even before they have come out. For example i am trying to think of what was left out and what he is now adding it is truly a masterful plan to keep your mind playing tricks on you.

    • Tyler

      Now I’m a huge fan of the Inheritance Cycle. I bought the second and third on the night they were released. It cost a pretty penny. Now how is coming out with a special edition with new features after your fans already bought the book showing them appreciation?

    • Windy

      Is anyone else excited that the binding will be gold now so it doesn’t break the mold? lol I’m kidding that’s not what I’m most excited about but I am really OCD about that….

    • SephyraDoom

      so what was in the first 2 DE/LE did i miss extra chapters already?

    • Yvi

      I’d really love to see a Lethrblaka picture. That and the runes are probably what I am interested in most. Deleted scenes/chapters sound interesting though.

    • MasterMeadows

      It should be free for those of us who already bought the book.

    • DarbtheBard

      This would be cool but….i already have the books and 2 chapters wont be that much…*whishes he had waited so he could get this*

    • Cristina

      I think it will be awesome! I’ll get it. 😀 It sounds awesome. And who knows? Maybe they’ll show a preview for the 4th book!!! 😀 So I’m getting it. 😀 And I’ll reread it again. Because the books are very hard to follow. Haha. But wow…. I can’t wait!!!

    • RuggishBon3

      ill just look for the 2 chapters online and print them out and paste them on to my old book =]

    • Jack

      Judging by the way CP writes his books, we probably won’t know the Book 4 title till sometime in 2010 or maybe 2011.
      And maybe–just maybe–there WILL be a preview in the Brisingr Deluxe; a summary or something like that.

    • Linnea27

      I was hoping for a preview of the 4th book. Maybe even the title.

    • Glorfindel

      Hmmm….. I think that I would rather see the Lethrblaka as I see them in my mind’s eye. The only thing that really intrigues me is the dwarf runes. The deleted scenes would be cool. But does anyone have any idea why there won’t be an excerpt like in the others?

    • Daniel

      I have enough money to get it now. 🙂

    • Alastair

      I don’t see the point in buying this book for 2 chapteres that didn’t make it into the book, plus dwarf runes and a drawing of Lethrblaka.

      I already made the mistake before of buying Eldest LE. And that turned out to be a waste, not going to repeat the mistake again.

    • HB

      I can’t wait for this to come out. I think I’m most looking forward to the deleted scenes and the poster. I found it hard to picture the lethrblaka in my head, so this will help. I have a copy of the Eldest Deluxe edition, but does anyone know if, and where I can get a copy og the Eragon Deluxe edition?

    • Jack

      Perhaps it WILL be there; but they just want it to be a surprise. We know that CP is at least a few chapters into the next book, so there’s got to be something they’ll show us.

    • dWill

      woah. I know I must be an idiot, but I just now realized that a preview chapter of Book IV isn’t on that list. am I the only one who’s very sad? I’m excited about everything else, but I’ve gotten used to the preview I get with each DE or LE.

    • Jack

      I guess not…but I just bought the Eragon DE two days ago; I finally found one. It was almost dirt-cheap…but you’re right I suppose.

    • Mike

      Well, the price already has dropped. It has a retail price of $30 but is selling for less than $20. The Eldest Limited Edition might be selling for $5 now, but keep in mind that this is now three years after that originally released. Do you really want to wait three years? 😛

    • Jack

      Maybe if you just wait a few weeks, the price will drop. For example, right now the Eldest LE is selling for just over $5 on eBay.

    • Aiedail~

      I don’t think it will be a waste of money either. I absolutely love the inheritance cycle, so I want anything i can to learn more about it. I don’t have the money now but as soon as I can either earn the money or just go to my dad and guilt trip him, i’m going first thing to B&N to buy it!

    • Mike

      To each his own, I suppose. Obviously, many fans will enjoy the content in the Deluxe Edition. The chapters will not be boring, useless or a waste of money… I think we’ve been over that already.

    • post37

      Yeh. It seems a waste to me too.

    • anonymous

      Personally I don’t see the point in spending money on a book you already have for the sake of TWO measly chapters which are probably pretty slow and of little importance. If your desperate to read them then I’m sure they’ll be online at some point.

      JJP is a good artist but seeing an image of the Lethrblaka will only ruin the image that I had of him in my head from reading the books. After the Eragon movie (worst film I’ve ever seen) I no longer have the image I used to have of the characters because the films implanted Ed Speleers as Eragon and Sienna Guillory as Arya into my head.

      I admit that the rune thing seems interesting but the rest is surely a waste of money and time.

    • Hunter

      Oh my god! I can’t WAIT to read the last 2! I read Eragon and now I’m reading Eldest! I love them!!1

    • Luke

      i cant wait for the poster to finally see what the Lethrblaka look like i just imageineted a skeletal horse with wings and was pitch black

    • dWill

      yea, I agree. I hope “substansive” deleted scenes means they truly are worthwhile, not just cuts because they were completely unnecessary and boring. I am definitely excited for the fold-out poster. I had a very difficult time making a holistic picture of the Lethrblaka in my head. JJP’s interpretation will be a welcome assistance to the picture in my mind.

      I agree. Please buy the book. I did pre-order the Eldest Deluxe Edition, but it didn’t arrive on time, so I went to the bookstore to read the preview chapter. I felt I was justified, however, by the fact that I did buy the book. Maybe this time less people will do that because there’s actually a worthwhile foldout poster to attain. We’ll see. I’ll definitely be pre-ordering it, and since I have Amazon prime, I can have it arrive quickly this time.

      Love the countdown, btw.

    • Mike

      I think they’ll be at the back of the book.

      I wish people wouldn’t just go to the store and read the book parts then leave. To me, at least, that equates to stealing. Many worked hard writing that part of the book, editing, printing, etc. and by doing that, you’re ripping them off.

    • smokejiggy

      are the deleted scenes gonna be at the end of the book like the eldest deluxe or are they going to be put inside the book. probably the latter. ill probably go to the bookstore and find them and read them instead of buying the book all over again.

    • alucard

      Except for whoever published the Twilight saga (just kidding)

    • Evarinya

      Oh wow!
      I think im going to be excited for everything, just because its all awesome :]
      really looking forward for the deleted scenes, and the lerthrblaka poster!

    • Mike

      Well, you have to look at it on the other hand as well. I *always* watch the deleted scenes on DVDs and 90% of the time enjoy them. Especially the Eragon movie deleted scenes. I think that in a lot of cases, a scene wasn’t cut because it was boring or crappy but because it didn’t flow properly with the plot or just needed to be cut to save space. I’m sure that’s the case with these, as no one would want to publish anything boring. 😛

    • Ally

      I’m going to have to go with the Lethrblaka poster. I’m kind of meh on the deleted scenes. I feel like if they were deleted, then they can’t have been that exciting. But the poster is going to be epic, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it.

    • Mike

      I honestly can’t decide which I’m looking forward to most. I’m really looking forward to seeing JJP’s new painting but I’m also looking forward to the deleted scenes and the guide to the runes…

      Oh well, thank fully I don’t have to choose which comes in the book! ‘Cause we get it all! I’ve already pre-ordered, of course.

    • Bob

      I’d say Runes and the Deleted chapters…

    • Jack

      Staff, what are you looking forward to most?

    • Bob

      No, that’s just fan art posted by someone.

    • RuggishBon3

      i think this is the Lethrblaka photo


    • RuggishBon3

      well i think this is the Lethrblaka photo.


    • RuggishBon3

      Cool but i have all the three books -_-

    • number1eragonfan

      I would like to get the delux addition for all the cool new content, but i already have all three of my books signed by CP himself (i didnt buy them, he actaully signed them when he came to Toronto on his tour) ;p

    • !?!

      I would love to see the Lethrblaka but I have already got the first edition 🙁

    • Shrrgnien

      This is really cool, but I have the first version already.

    • Jack

      Can’t wait for it! The thing I’m most looking forward to is that Lethrblaka poster.

    • Jenny

      I LOVE the Series! I cant Wait to see what the Deluxe Edition will look like!

      P.S. I like the count down clock!

    • ….

      I can’t wait to see all of this new stuff! It will be great to be able to read deleted scenes from Brisingr. I’m excited to find out what else went on. Also, a guide to dwarf runes would be very interesting. I’m fascinated by the cultures of the races of Alagaesia. Seeing the Lethrblaka will be amazing. I can’t wait to see how John Jude Palencar pictures them. October 23rd!