Random Buzzers Newsletter: Flight Plans, Rider Swords

Random House today sent out their newest installment of their Random Buzzers newsletter, showcasing some Alagaesia flight plans and Rider swords drawn by fans of the Inheritance Cycle. Fans were asked to draw (on a map of Alagaesia) their flight plans, if they were to become a Rider in Alagaesia, and explain their plans! Check out some of the great submissions after the break and let us know of your own flight plans!

Tek over at Random Buzzers explains his flight path, illustrated on the map of Alagaesia above:

I’d start my flight in Carvahall, as I’d like to see where Eragon grew up and perhaps where Saphira’s egg was found. I’d then go to Therinsford to purchase supplies to cross the Spine to Narda, which I would use as a jumping-off point to go to Doru Araeba on the island of Vroengard. I’d tour the old Rider academy there, then return to Narda. From Narda, I’d like to visit Teirm to restock supplies before I take another trip across the Spine, this time following the Toark River. After crossing the spine, I’d travel to Gil’ead to tour the city and its famous buildings, as well as Angela’s herb shop… Read more.

Random House also asked fans to illustrate their own Rider sword. You can view the great submissions over at Random Buzzers!

And now we must ask you: If you were a mighty Dragon Rider of Alagaesia, where would you choose to venture with your dragon? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to explain where you’d want to travel and why. If you want to go the extra mile, illustrate your journey on a map of Alagaesia! You can upload your map for all to see on Shur’tugal’s fan art section!

  • akul

    If i would be a d’rider then i and my green dragon kiathandria would first go to doru ‘ araeba in Vroengard . Visit Du ‘ weldenvarden try to reach at the top of one of the boer’s on kiathandria and go to farthen dur and countless many things that ihaven’t mentioned

  • theawesomest2

    sorry about my spelling

  • theawesomest

    I would be an elf(after galgy is dead), grow up in the silver woods,have a yellow dragon named erithian, be trained at vroengard, do the lead ride’s will, and live the rest of my life in peace.

  • Durza

    It would be reallly cool to be a shade dragon rider although it’s probably not possible. Anyways, I would force a black dragon named Zethrandil to hatch for me. Then I would make him grow as quickly as Thorn, and destroy Carvahall.I would fly to Uru’baen and force Galby to give me his horde of Eldunari. Finally I will kill Eragon and rule the world as a dictator even more horrible than Galby.

  • EridorDefender

    Eka weohnata taka iet skulblaka Eridor un lifa undir adurna.

  • Windy

    I’d definitely either have a green dragon or an orange one and I’d like to travel all of Alagaesia with him/ her. But I think I’d feel most at home with the elves because I’m vegetarian too!! My dragon (probably named Nienna or Eru) would be awesome and love travelling. We’d explore places off the map but would always be rooted in our home of Du Weldenvarden. 😀

  • Micgirl

    well, if i was a dragon rider i would take my purple she-dragon Amthysta and make myself known to the elves. After years of extensive training i would travel all of alagaesia and see everything there is to see then i would train an apprentice, leave them with all of my knowlage and leave alagaesia to explore the world!

  • jamesparsh

    i would live in elesmera with sapphira untill the end of time learn all of the history that there is to learn about the elves and dwarves and the dragons and the other beings and make peace treatys with them so me and sapphira could rest in peace untill the end of time

  • GreatTrueEragonFan

    (sorry, can’t use name for some reason, i’ll use this now)

    I Wouldn’t want to be in power, i would just want to be normal, like eragon, and him having it thrust upon him as with me. because it would challenge me as a human being.

  • Bill

    Why Carvahall? Carvahall is lame. Visit the capital. Visit the dwarves and elves. I would fly all of Alagasia and impose ridiculous taxes and be filthy rich. I would laugh at all the weaklings trying to start rebelions against my military dictatorship, which, by the way, is how the Riders ruled. (maybe not a cruel dictatorship)

  • TheTrueEragonFan

    With My gold Dragon Leona(I already had a dragon of my own picked out), I would grow up to 16 in Carvahall like Eragon, but leavce when roran took them to the varden. I would go from surda Where I would travel through the hadarac desert where I would magically find a gold dragon egg(Leona) and would fall unconcious where I am found by a lovely elf maiden who wont near me because leona is guarding me. I would travel to Ellesmera and train under Eragon and the green rider until he decides to leave alagaesia forever and leave me incharge of the riders after 10 years. I would then Travel to Vroengad and r-establish the academy there and after I have trained anothr rider, i would travel alagaesia’s cities starting west and working east, then go north and find the elf maiden that rescued me, I would ask her for her hand and to return o vroengard and stay with me there, and there I would rule of the draon riders with peace in our hearts for all of eterniy. ((asuming galbatorix is dead))

  • Someguy

    I would live in the Hadrac desert, or The large island off the Spire. 🙂

    White or Blue dragon 🙂

  • MeghanSwiftSword

    Hmm. If I were a Dragon Rider, I think I would start out in Carvahall, then all over Alagaesia to check out all the sights, like the Spine, Tierm, and definatly Farthen Dur, to check out the battle field. And lastly, I’d go to Ellesmera and live in the land of the Elves. I’d sooo want to be an Elf!!!

  • Bull

    I would go to vroengard academy first, but then it would be of to the Hadarac desert and the mountains in the middle to see if there are any dragons left. After that i would travel off the map and explore unknown lands.

  • Mike

    I’m not entirely sure what order I’d visit places in, but I’d love to visit Vroengard Island, Du Weldenvarden (specifically Ellesmera… the idea of growing buildings out of trees seems so cool!), Farthen Dur (to slide down Vol Turin, of course), the battle fields of all of the great battles from the Inheritance books, and last but not least… Angela’s herbal shop in Teirm! She’s my favorite character, after all.

  • Kay

    lol i finished reading the one started in the article. and he is obviously a fan through the movie, not books… 🙂

    i think i’ll venture to answer the question! lol. hmmm… if i were a dragon rider… aha! i’d definatly either go into the Beors or visit Vroengard. it’d be interesting to find out what history i could about the dragon riders at vroengard, and the Beors would be just plain awsome. i’d definatly want to see the seemingly peakless mountains and various wildlife myself!

  • RuggishBon3

    hmm cool

  • Glorfindel

    Very cool. I like how it looks like a satellite image.