Questions Answered, Rumors Debunked

Lots of rumors have been floating around the online Inheritance world as of late, and after talking with all of our sources, we are able to debunk a number of them!

First off, we’ve been hearing wide-spread talk that the third book in the trilogy will be titled “Glaedr”. People are basing this rumor on the fact that here’s a fold out poster of the golden dragon, Glaedr, in the back of the Eldest Limited Edition. This information is not true. The fold out poster featured in the back of the book was artwork done by John Jude Palencar for the Japanese copy of Eldest released last year. Their writing is larger than ours, thus requiring them to publish Eldest in two volumes instead of one – each volume with its own artwork. The title of Book 3 is not Glaedr, and no title has been released.

More talk than ever has been going around that Saphira will not talk in the movie. Our sources at Fox tell us that this is not the case – Saphira will talk in the movie, though Fox has not yet made the announcement on who they cast for the voice of Saphira. We expect an announcement soon. In addition (more information on this can be found in our exclusive interview with the producers of the Eragon video game, to release soon), the voice of Saphira in the video game is not the voice of Saphira in the movie.

Lastly, several movie news websites have posted a new Eragon movie poster, this prominently featuring the face of Eragon (Ed Speleers) with the other characters in the background, off to the side. Our sources at Fox tell us that this poster is not an official poster and was likely fan-made.