Shurtugal Signed Book Deal Orders Update

We have an update for those of you that ordered signed books through our store recently! Any paid orders that were placed before October 15th and that we received payment for have been processed and sent to our partner bookstore. In addition, as of last week, Christopher has signed the Eldest LE’s from this batch of orders. Christopher will be signing the Eragon’s from this batch sometime this week.

In terms of your orders:
If you ordered only an Eldest LE your order should arrive sometime this week.

If you ordered only a copy of Eragon your order will most likely arrive next week.

If you ordered a package deal your order will most likely arrive sometime next week.

We hope to have the next batch of orders processed and sent to the bookstore later this week. If you have any questions about your order, feel free to email.

Signed copies of Eragon and the Eldest Limited Edition are still on sale in the Shurtugal Store.