Christopher Paolini brings Angela’s incredible sword ‘Tinkledeath’ to life

tinkledeathTogether with a talented fan and a local blacksmith, Christopher Paolini fulfilled the unique request of one Make-a-Wish recipient: to own a replica of Angela’s sword, Tinkledeath (Albitr), and a recreation of the enchanted necklace worn by Eragon!

Christopher shared progress photos of the sword throughout its creation, as well as two videos of the finished weapon!

For those who may not remember, Albitr, also known as Tinkledeath, is Angela’s enchanted diamond sword featured in Inheritance. The herbalist described the weapon as “the ultimate embodiment of an incline plane,” and we saw proof of its destructive power as it cut through granite without issue. Like Angela, the sword’s history remains unknown, and details about the blade itself are scarce. She did however hint at the name’s meaning, stating that Albitr means “exactly what it sounds like”.

While Angela’s sword was made out of enchanted diamond, us non-fantasy folk are restricted to more earthly materials and means. To create the sword, the blacksmith used acrylic, which was later polished to make the blade transparent. The handle was wrapped in pure silver.

Two videos of Tinkledeath in action, including its leather scabbard engraved with dwarven runes (spelling “Albitr”), offer even greater looks at the sword:

In addition to Albitr, Christopher provided the fan with a custom-made replica of the necklace given to Eragon by Gannel, chief of Dûrgrimst Quan and Eragon’s tutor in Farthen Dûr. The silver necklace was shaped like a dwarven hammer and was imbued with magic to ward off any attempts at scrying the wearer.

We recently showed off a fan’s incredible replica of Brisingr, which you can view here!

Author’s note: This post was originally written and published in 2016. It’s been updated and republished as part of our series exploring real-life replicas of popular Inheritance Cycle swords!

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