What we’ve recently learned about Book 5, Eragon/Arya, the new bad guy, and more (hint: it’s a lot!) – Part one!

thornIt’s no secret that Christopher will write another book set in the Inheritance Cycle universe. We’ve talked about it in past interviews, articles, and we even have a page dedicated to it – “Book 5 and Beyond“. He recently answered even more fan questions about the topic, and this article is our first in a two part series where we reveal new Book 5 questions and answers!

Today addresses how Book 5 will work, hints at the plot, the next bad guy, and answers the big relationship questions… Eragon/Arya and Murtagh/Nasuada?!

@Luigi_atlante: Will you ever write a new Eragon book? We miss your characters!
Christopher: Yup! I have Book V all planned and plotted out! Just have to finish my other projects first!

@WildandPredsFan: Is your next Inheritance Cycle book going to also take place in Alagaësia and with Eragon and most of the same characters?
Christopher: Alagaësia, yes. However, there’ll be some new characters … and many old characters.

@TSD_Adler: How long until we get to visit Alagaësia again? Whether that is in a book form, or in a movie.
Christopher: As soon as possible, I hope!

@ProjectONI616: Will Book Five be a continuation of the story or a prequel?
Christopher: Continuation, though I may write a prequel at some point.

In a Twitter interview, Christopher “No Comment” Paolini made some exciting revelations and cryptic hints about the next Alagaësia book! Thanks to his answers, we know some basic plot information:

@Corbyn66: Will the new book feature Eragon?
Christopher: Great question! … No comment.

@SuryHern: Can you tell us a clue from Book 5?
Christopher: Light and shadow shall meet in an epic battle. Bwahahaha! #ineverjokeaboutstories

@Andigarmendia: Can you give us a hint about Book 5?
Christopher: Everyone in Alagaësia has overlooked something really, really important with regard to the new peace they hope to establish.

It also looks like a big Inheritance loose end will be resolved: Eragon and Arya fans will be pleased to know that we’ll finally learn more about their (not-quite-yet) relationship:

@Laurel_Deer: Will the tension concerning the possible romance between Eragon and Arya by the end of Inheritance ever be fully resolved?
Christopher: No comment. 🙂

@Baker2Justin: Did Eragon ever find love?
Christopher: You’ll have to read the next book to find out!

In fact, it almost sounds as though Eragon and Arya fans will be getting exactly what they hoped for:

@LunePotter: Will there be Eragon/Arya moments in Book 5?
Christopher: I can’t spoil it, but I think you’ll enjoy Book V. 😀

Eragon and Arya won’t be the only two we see. When asked about Murtagh and Nasuada’s relationship, Christopher’s answer is clear:

@angry_ra: Will we ever know Murtagh and Nasuada’s future?
Christopher: Yes.

Christopher is hard at work on his current project, a sci-fi novel, but we haven’t heard what his next project will be. Book 5? A dwarven opera? Time will tell!

The second part in our article will look at Christopher’s answers on which main characters we can expect to see in Book 5, new Riders, and some major questions that will finally be answered! Stay tuned – it’ll arrive next week.

Now we ask: Which revelation from above is your favorite? Do you have any theories based off of the information Christopher teased us with? Let us know in the comments!