Find Shur’tugal, Christopher, and Lytherus on social media – from Twitter and Facebook to Tumblr!

social-media-postShur’tugal has quite the presence online, both on our website and in social media. We’ve put together a helpful guide for those of you who may be interested in joining us outside of Our social media accounts offer fans exclusive access to special content and updates on news and articles before you can find them on the website! It’s worth giving us a “Like” or “follow” if you’re use any of these social networks!

Here’s a map of where to find us:

  • Shur’tugal on Facebook: Our Facebook page offers news, information, images and more! We’re frequently updating the page not only with news and blog posts from the site, but fun Inheritance stuff, including images, trivia, quotes from Christopher and more. Join in on the discussion with fellow fans and enjoy our Inheritance updates by giving the Shur’tugal Facebook page a “Like”.
  • Shur’tugal on Twitter: Sharing the latest news, information, and behind-the-scenes details, Shur’tugal’s Twitter account (@itsshurty) is the account to follow for the latest on all things Paolini and Inheritance!
  • Shur’tugal on Tumblr: We have an active presence on Tumblr sharing all kinds of Inheritance Cycle goodies you won’t want to miss out on! If you’re a Tumblr fan, Shur’tugal’s updates and posts will definitely make a great addition to your dashboard!
  • Mike Macauley on Twitter: Mike Macauley, the man behind, can also be found on Twitter. You may be ask why we’re including him in this list! Well, Mike offers some great behind-the-scenes information, Inheritance-related tweets and updates you won’t find on any of the other accounts, in addition to news on a secret project you’ll all be very interested in!

We aren’t the only ones available on social media, though! Christopher Paolini can be found on several social networks, all of which are updated regularly.

  • Christopher Paolini on Twitter: Christopher’s personal Twitter account is frequently updated, not only with fun, interesting and quirky shares from around the ‘net, but with information related to the Inheritance Cycle and Christopher’s latest projects! Christopher often response to fans tweets as well, so if you’re lucky, the author may just answer one of your questions!
  • Christopher Paolini on Facebook: Christopher’s Facebook page is handled a bit differently from his Twitter account. On Twitter, smaller and less Inheritance-related items are shared. His official Facebook page is a bit more Inheritance-oriented, although you’ll find a lot of great content on his Facebook page that you won’t find elsewhere!

Our sister site,, can also be found on social media! Lytherus covers everything in the realm of fantasy and science fiction, in addition to a fun emphasis on geek culture. Whether you’re into books or movies, video games or television, Lytherus has you covered! Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Legend of Korra, Percy Jackson… you name it, they’re covering it!

  • Lytherus on Facebook: Follow the Lytherus account for news, reviews, and fun editorials as they break! You won’t miss a single piece of fantasy or scifi news with the coverage our staff offers! Plus, discover some new and interesting books, movies, and television shows to watch and enjoy!
  • Lytherus on Twitter: Much like their Facebook page, the Lytherus account offers the latest in news, reviews, and fun editorials the minute they hit the web! You won’t miss out on any of the latest updates in the world of fantasy and science fiction, and as book fans, we know that’s exactly what you’re looking for!