Our friends at Lytherus are headed to San Diego Comic Con with LOTS of interesting content!

Some cool stuff is coming very soon for Shur’tugal, but in the meantime, our friends and co-workers over at Lytherus have headed to San Diego Comic Con and are bringing a ton of exclusive, exciting and interesting coverage from the convention. Not only is our team delivering on huge announcements and exciting panels, but we have VIP tours of an incredible array of off-site events, including a Game of Thrones: Survive the Realm interactive experience, going inside of the worlds of Constantine and Sleepy Hollow, parkouring our way through the Assasin’s Creed Unity course, and traveling the convention center as a mutant using Cerebro.

Check everything out over on Lytherus. Additionally, follow @mikemacauley and @lytherus on Twitter for live updates before they hit the site!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Assassin’s Creed Unity parkour off-site… we’ll be running it and having an exclusive VIP tour of the experience later this week.

assassins creed