Happy 29th birthday, Christopher!

Today marks Christopher Paolini’s 29th birthday! The author, currently traveling through Italy following a brief promotional tour for the release of the Inheritance Deluxe Edition, has been hard at work on the Inheritance cycle since the age of fifteen — fourteen years ago! While Christopher’s time with the four books making up the Inheritance cycle may be over, the author has expressed that he is hard at work on new novels set outside of the world of Alagaësia… and has even laid the groundwork for future novels set within Alagaësia (some hints at which can be found throughout the four books).

You can follow Christopher, an active Twitter-er, and wish him a happy birthday at his official Twitter account: @InheritanceCP. On behalf of the Shur’tugal crew and all of our visitors, we wish Christopher the happiest of birthdays! (And enjoy this beautiful fan-created Eragon-inspired birthday cake!)