Christopher Paolini Participating in Live Web Chat For “Boys’ Life” Magazine

Christopher Paolini is participating in a live web chat with Boys’ Life magazine, a monthly release aimed at members of the Boy Scouts of America. The magazine is now offering the chance for fans of Paolini’s series to submit questions to their website by tomorrow (December 9th) at noon. Fans who have their questions chosen during the chat are eligible to win a signed copy of INHERITANCE! You can submit questions on their website.

Christopher’s live web chat interview will take place at 8 PM EST on Monday, December 12th! We’ll provide, if possible, a transcript or summary of Christopher interview following the event. We will also post a reminder on Monday!

Stay tuned for Shur’tugal’s own mega-interview with Christopher, tackling some of the hottest topics since the release of INHERITANCE! Soon.