New Inheritance Book Editions (Physical and Digital) and Inheritance Advertisements Hit Stores!

Eagle-eyed fans will have noticed the marketing push behind Inheritance (Book 4) beginning to ramp up, as new editions of already-existed Inheritance books have been released throughout North America. Additionally, retail stores including Barnes and Noble have begun displaying advertisements, easels, and more promoting the release of Book 4 in November as well as attempting to rope in new readers! We’ve got a round-up of these new editions, which include new book covers for Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr, as well as some new e-book options, including a three-book omnibus! Keep reading for more information.

Random House recently re-released the first three Inheritance Cycle novels — Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr — featuring new covers as well as some additional book content (posters and book marks) in North America. The new covers feature the same John Jude Panelcar artwork we know and love, but with a different perspective; the dragons’ faces now take up a the entire cover of the book and the familiar title font has been switched out for a new font. While the covers are certainly different from the ones we’ve come to know and love over the past eight years, they’re beautiful in their own right — and make an excellent addition to Inheritance collections. Check them out:


Looking to buy the new editions? Eragon is available on Amazon for $8.45. Eldest is available on Amazon for $9.99. Brisingr is available on Amazon for $8.51.

Random House has also released a digital-only Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr omnibus now available through the Amazon e-book store. The three books are available as one very long Inheritance Cycle novel and cost only $24.99. It’s a great bargain for any fans looking to move their physical collection over to their Kindle! Random House has sent along the cover for the Inheritance Omnibus, which features the spines from the new covers (seen above):

Of course, this wouldn’t be a book round-up if we didn’t mention Shur’tugal’s very own “The Inheritance Almanac”, the only official Inheritance Cycle companion guide on the market… and it was written by our very own Mike Macauley! The Inheritance Almanac is an A to Z guide to the world of Alagaesia, featuring everything we know from the books — plus more! The book is jam-packed with new information, including interview tid-bits, trivia (did you know that “Eragon” was originally to be named “Kevin”?), and more. The book is a perfect companion guide to the cycle — and the staff of Shur’tugal keep it at their sides as they read through the books to write our Big Twenty articles, record our Book Club podcast, and even when we’re reading through for pleasure. It really is worth checking out, and is available on Amazon for only $10.39!

Mike Macauley wrote two great “making of” articles last year to mark The Inheritance Almanac’s release. They’re still available and we highly recommend checking them out if you’re at all interested in the world of Alagaesia, Shur’tugal, and all that goes into the making of a guide for fans. Check out part one and part two!

Haven’t made it to a Barnes and Noble or retail book store lately? You may have missed some of the more recent Inheritance (Book 4) promotions featured in the stores, but never fear — we’ve got you covered with some photos!


Last but not least, have you pre-ordered your copy of Inheritance (Book 4) yet? If not… why not?! Here’s a helpful pre-order guide! Follow the links to pre-order your copy, ensuring you’re with the rest of us fans reading Inheritance the day it releases!