“Big Twenty” – Is There Any Hope for the Future of Dragons?

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Christopher’s recent revelation that “that’s it” – there are simply no other dragons
tied to Riders hidden from view – has left us all wondering whether or not dragons
have a future on Alagaësia. We know that the last dragon, hatching from the green
egg, is a male. The only female dragon (that we know of) is Saphira, meaning that
Saphira will need to choose to mate with the green dragon, Thorn, or Shruikan. But
will she do this, and will this be enough to save the future of the dragon race?

Dragons are on the brink of extinction in Alagaësia, and after the death of Glaedr,
only four dragons remain. This leaves Saphira in a unique position, since she is the
only female dragon left. And with Glaedr being the only dragon that Saphira has
had any extended period time with, we can only wonder what bonds she could form
with the male dragons who remain.

It is safe to assume that we can rule out Shruikan as a possible mate for Saphira.
Both Saphira and Eragon’s hatred for Galbatorix is too strong to overcome at this
point. We can assume that even if Shruikan somehow is not killed in the final
battle for Alagaësia, his mind would be too altered and warped to be involved with

A more likely candidate would be Thorn. They are nearly the same age, and we
know that Thorn and Murtagh are only acting evilly due to Galbatorix’s control over
them using their true names. If they could somehow escape his control, whether
through Galbatorix’s death or by changing their true names, they could live how
they want to and there could possibly be a relationship between Thorn and Saphira.
But will Saphira forgive Thorn for delivering the final blow to her mentor, Glaedr?
And can Eragon forgive Murtagh for killing Hrothgar? There are many obstacles to a
possible relationship between these dragons, but it is not out of the question at this

The last, and most mysterious, candidate is the green dragon. Obviously, we know
next to nothing about this dragon at this point in the story besides the fact that it is
a male, green dragon. There are a few important questions concerning “Greeny”.
Most important of all is whether or not he will be sided with the Varden. This
could easily bloom into a relationship with Saphira if there was another dragon
on Eragon’s side, as evidenced with her easily crushing on Glaedr. But another
important question is, is Greeny already hatched when we end the story in
<i>Brisingr</i>, or is he only going to hatch in Inheritance? Could there
be time to even begin a relationship? And who would his rider be? Arya? Angela?
Roran? Or will it someone who would not side with the Varden? There are a
plethora of questions surrounding Greeny, but he is a worthy candidate for
Saphira’s future mate.

The future of the Dragons seems to all rest on Saphira. She has three eligible mates, but after a little analysis, we can definitely conclude that Shruikan is the least likely candidate in our choices. But with so many questions surrounding Thorn’s past
wrongs and Greeny’s unknown background, we are left with two equally weighted
possibilities for Saphira’s mate. But we know one thing for sure, Saphira and Eragon
must defeat Galbatorix in order for the procreation of the dragons to begin again.

This guest post was written by Chris Addison, senior staff member of Shurtugal.com, while Mike Macauley attends Comic-Con for Shur’tugal and Lytherus. Mike’s articles will return following Comic-Con!