Exclusive Video Shows Christopher Writing End of Book 4, Delivering it to NYC… and the Official Subtitle!

Random House has sent us an official video of Christopher Paolini writing the final words of Inheritance (Book 4) — “THE END”, in case you were wondering — and follows the author as he packs his massive manuscript into a suitcase and officially delivers the completed manuscript to his editor Michelle Frey at the Random House offices in New York City!

This is a very exciting moment for Christopher, Random House, and the entire Inheritance community. It represents over a decade worth of work and waiting — all there in the manuscript. We’ll be reading it soon in November!

This video’s most exciting (and untouched) reveal is Book 4’s official subtitle, revealed when the video shows the front of the manuscript: “INHERITANCE or The Vault of Souls“. This is a huge revelation — we knew that Brisingr and Inheritance each had their own subtitles, but Christopher had not announced the subtitle of the final book until today. Its subtitle – The Vault of Souls – seems to indicate that the Vault of Souls may actually be more important than we had anticipated!

We want to hear your thoughts on the exciting video and the huge subtitle news in the comments! What do you think this means for Vault of Souls theories? Are you shocked that it has a place as the subtitle? Do you think that a majority of Book 4’s plot will revolve around the Vault of Souls? Voice your thoughts in the comments!

(Note to Inheritance Book Club Podcast listeners: In light of this huge news we will be delaying episode two until tomorrow (Friday). The episode is recorded and it’s a great one — we just don’t want it lost in today’s exciting news!)