Book 4: What We Do Know Crowdsource Project

Our “Book 4: What We Do Know” page has been offline since our move due to its lack of updates. We’ve learned a lot from our numerous Q&As and interviews with Christopher Paolini (plus the Book 4 chapter released earlier this year) and our “What We Do Know” (confirmed facts) page is in dire need of updating. To ensure that we miss no fact and to get the community involved in a fun project, we wanted to open this up to contributions from our visitors!

Continue reading and you’ll find an old copy of our confirmed facts page, along with an archive of our interviews with Christopher since Brisingr released. Additionally, we’ve written up directions on how you can help contribute to the new confirmed facts page (and great prizes for people who contribute). Keep reading!

Contents of our old “confirmed facts” page:

  • The cover of the fourth book will feature an emerald (green) dragon
  • Murtagh and Thorn will play larger roles than in the previous books.
  • With the first parts of Eragon’s prophecies having been resolved in Eragon and Brisingr (weapon under the Menoa Tree, “There is a doom upon you, but of what sort I know not. Part of it lies in a death …”), we can expect the remaining prophecies to come into play:
    • Eragon’s vision of him and another leaving Alagaesia forever with their dragons
    • The Rock of Kuthian and the Vault of Souls
    • An “epic romance” (“I cannot say if this passion will end happily, but your love is of noble birth and heritage. She is powerful, wise, and beautiful beyond compare.” – Angela, Eragon… it is arguable that this romance/passion has already existed for Arya with a bad ending)
  • The origin of werecats will be thoroughly explored

Archive of interviews with Christopher since Brisingr‘s release:

Also consult for Book 4 facts:

How you can help:

We are looking for fans to dig through interviews (and their books!) to find confirmed facts about Book 4. These facts can range from “Solembum’s prophecies will be resolved” (we know this because part of his prophecy has yet to come true and Book 4 will be the final book in the series) to “Book 4 will feature a green dragon on the cover” (confirmed numerous times by Christopher).

If you are sure that you have a confirmed fact (please note that speculation and theories are not confirmed facts!), post it in the comments section below. Please cite your source (include a link if possible) — we cannot use facts that do not have a source!

Contributors get…

If you contribute to this project by posting actual facts in the comments (stealing others’ facts and reposting them disqualifies you), you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a signed copy of The Inheritance Almanac and an Inheritance book plate/signed pictures pack (all signed by Christopher himself). We’ll be giving away a few signed books/Inheritance packs!