Closing of Comic-Con

The Shur’tugal team has made it back to our respective homes safely, and we are beginning to wind down. It was an amazing experience, that we have documented fairly well. But we assume you are all wondering about when we will update the site….

Our Twitter feed was updated fairly often so you can get a good idea of what went on with us if you read through that. But our pictures tell the story a lot better! We took hundreds of pics and will be uploading them as soon as possible. It was really quite the experience.

And I’m sure you’re all wondering about the interview…yes, we conducted it. And I think it is definitely the best interview to date. We took 70 pages of questions and went through them and then read all the decent ones to him and he answered all the questions we had. Since it is so long, we will be splitting up the release of the questions. We’re not quite sure how we will split it up at this point, but do know it is on its way soon.

We will be keeping you up to date on the progress of our editing of the interview and the date of its release. Until then, keep checking back for our Comic-Con pictures and more. And feel free to share your Comic-Con experience with us!