Eragon Battles Aslan in a Fantasy Cage Match!

Our friends over at, Random House’s fantasy and sci-fi blogging initiative, have informed us of an exciting activity they’re running to coincide with March Madness: SF/fantasy-character cage matches. Suvudu’s team of editors selected a large group of popular and easily-recognizable fantasy and SF characters to fight in pre-written cage matches. The winner of each round is up to the viewers (done by vote). Our very own Eragon will be pitted against Aslan in the third division on March 10th. If Eragon makes it through the first round (which he will with your help – be sure to vote!), he’ll move on to fight the other round one winners. Aslan is never going to see it coming! Be sure to continue reading for more information on the event!More information on the event directly from our friends at Suvudu:

It’s up to the readers to vote on who they think would win. It’s up to them to convince others they’re right.Think their analysis is wrong? Let us know. Clearly it’s you who are wrong, but we’ll humor you.

At the end of the day, what matters is that two men (or women…or elves…or one elf and one “other”) are entering the ring starting Monday, and a few days later (voting for the Monday matches close Thursday; voting for the Wednesday closes Sunday), only one of them is leaving.

And then the second round begins!

Make your voice heard.

    The Matches:

    Monday, March 8th

    1st Division: Dragon Army

    1) The Shrike vs 32) Arthur Dent

    16) Kahlan Amnell vs. 17) Drizzt Do’Urden

    8) Ged vs. 25) Edward Cullen

    9) Aragorn vs. 24) The Wee Free Men

    2nd Division: Gryffindor

    5) Rand Al’Thor vs. 28) Locke Lamora

    12) Harry Dresden vs. 21) Conan the Barbarian

    13) Roland Deschain — The Gunslinger vs 20) Elric

    4) Gandalf vs 29) Hiro Protagonist

    Wednesday, March 10th

    3rd Division: Nightwatch

    3) Aslan vs 30) Eragon

    14) Kvothe vs 19) Garet Jax

    6) Raistlin Majere vs 27) Ender Wiggin

    11) Dumbledore vs 22) Vlad Taltos

    4th Division: The Fellowship

    7) Temeraire vs 26) Haplo

    10) Polgara the Sorceress vs 23) Anita Blake

    15) Jaime Lannister vs 18) Hermione Granger

    2) Cthulhu vs 31) Lyra Silvertongue

Head on over to now to vote for your favorite characters in the cage fight! Be sure to show your support for Eragon by voting for him in his battle against Aslan!

Update: Eragon lost to Aslan!