Christopher Paolini Q&A #5 – Questions?

By now you’re all wondering – why haven’t you guys at Shur’tugal asked us for questions for the fifth question and answer interview with Christopher Paolini yet?! Since we started the Q&A this summer, we’ve received over one thousand questions for Christopher from you guys! Because we can only ask Christopher a set amount of questions per month, a lot of great questions were left behind (but not forgotten). We’ve decided to play catch up and use some of the great questions that we had to skip for the fifth Q&A, as well as discussing Christopher’s two new fall release books.

So what does this mean for the fifth Q&A and all of the rest going forward? It means we won’t be taking questions for a fifth Q&A, but we will begin taking questions for the sixth Q&A soon (and plan to continue doing so for the next few Q&As, before we play catch up again and do a Q&A using our skipped questions). Sit tight, you’ll hear from us again soon!