Brisingr Deluxe Edition – REVIEW!

We’ve prepared a review and impressions overview of the new content featured in the Brisingr Deluxe Edition, now on sale in the United States and Canada! We take a look at both deleted scenes from the books, the guide to dwarven runes (including illustrations of each rune!), and the fold-out poster of the Lethrblaka, featuring Christopher Paolini’s artwork of Galbatorix. Be sure to keep reading for our book review as well as some information on our upcoming autographed book giveaways and exclusive sneak peek at Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia!Fear not – our review is spoiler free!

Deleted Scene #1 – Eragon the Healer

First up in the new content is the first of two deleted scenes which takes place shortly after Eragon’s return to the Varden camp from Helgrind. The deleted chapter introduces us to two new characters (however minor) – Gull and Signa – and explores Eragon’s more compassionate side as he works to heal a woman dying of an otherwise incurable ailment. Eragon faces more hard decisions as he is forced to make sacrifices to save a life, fearful of how the sacrifice will be received. Of the two deleted scenes, this was both the longest and our favorite.

Deleted Scene #2 – Urgal Folk Tales

The second of two deleted scenes takes place during Eragon’s journey alongside Garzhvog to Farthen Dûr. In the deleted scene, Garzhvog tells the short-but-sweet tale of Ahno the Trickster, an Urgal of legend who wishes to become one of nature and is forced to face the consequences of his decision. The short outtake, which gives us yet another look at the way and beliefs of Urgals, has a humorous ending and is definitely worth the read.

Guide to Dwarven Runes

Christopher has compiled an entire guide to dwarven runes for the hardcore fans in us! The guide explains the various types of writing systems the dwarves have developed over the years, including the mysterious and hidden system developed by the Quan clan. Each of the systems is explained, including their original creation as well as how they’ve changed, adapted, and influenced each other over the years. Accompanying the written explanations are illustrations of each known dwarven rune – thirty-four runes in all! This guide is by far the most interesting language guide we’ve seen so far! We highly recommend checking it out.

Lethrblaka and Galbatorix

Last but certainly not least are the Deluxe Edition’s two anticipated illustrations. First is the Lethrblaka painting by John Jude Palencar; though we’ve seen this before, it certainly looks even better on a large poster we can hang on our walls! The poster neatly breaks off from the book and folds out to be larger than the book itself – perfect for decorating your bland walls. On the back side of the poster is Christopher Paolini’s drawing of Galbatorix – our first look at the wicked “King”! His pointed, evil-looking human face, Rider sword, and aged cloak definitely convey the wickedness this man is capable of!

That’s all for the Deluxe Edition! Don’t forget that if you live within the United States or Canda, you can now pick up a copy at any local book store or online at for over $10 off the price! Also remember that next month, Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia hits book shelves!

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