Random Buzzers Newsletter: Flight Plans, Rider Swords

Random House today sent out their newest installment of their Random Buzzers newsletter, showcasing some Alagaesia flight plans and Rider swords drawn by fans of the Inheritance Cycle. Fans were asked to draw (on a map of Alagaesia) their flight plans, if they were to become a Rider in Alagaesia, and explain their plans! Check out some of the great submissions after the break and let us know of your own flight plans!

Tek over at Random Buzzers explains his flight path, illustrated on the map of Alagaesia above:

I’d start my flight in Carvahall, as I’d like to see where Eragon grew up and perhaps where Saphira’s egg was found. I’d then go to Therinsford to purchase supplies to cross the Spine to Narda, which I would use as a jumping-off point to go to Doru Araeba on the island of Vroengard. I’d tour the old Rider academy there, then return to Narda. From Narda, I’d like to visit Teirm to restock supplies before I take another trip across the Spine, this time following the Toark River. After crossing the spine, I’d travel to Gil’ead to tour the city and its famous buildings, as well as Angela’s herb shop… Read more.

Random House also asked fans to illustrate their own Rider sword. You can view the great submissions over at Random Buzzers!

And now we must ask you: If you were a mighty Dragon Rider of Alagaesia, where would you choose to venture with your dragon? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to explain where you’d want to travel and why. If you want to go the extra mile, illustrate your journey on a map of Alagaesia! You can upload your map for all to see on Shur’tugal’s fan art section!