Brisingr Updates, Media

We’re really grateful for all of the support and visitors we’ve been receiving over the past few days and the excitement surrounding the release of the amazing book, Brisingr.

We just wanted to let you all know that we aren’t leaving you hanging. We’ve got a lot left to release, including trip reports, video, audio, and many pictures. All of this requires editing and time, both of which are difficult to come across right now. We expect to have the trip reports as well as the rest of the pictures online for viewing in the next day and the video soon after.

We hope that by now, all of you have had the time to sink your eyes in to Brisingr, our favorite book so far in the Cycle. We’d like to remind you to stay out of the website comments until you’ve read the book for risk of spoilers. We’re doing our best to keep the site spoiler free (and those who post spoilers are banned from the entire server), however, there may be one or two that sneak by.