Shur’tugal’s Brisingr Guide, Predictions, NYC Event

By now you’ll have noticed the new header we’re sporting, advertising new features we’re really excited about. Our staff has been hard at work over the past few weeks to release our Comprehensive Guide to Brisingr – essentially, everything you need to know before heading into Brisingr… and more! Our guide contains summaries of Eragon and Eldest to get you fresh, the excerpts from Brisingr, a list of Confirmed Events, our list of Loose Ends (all of the loose plot ends that need to be tied up in Brisingr and beyond), as well as a detailed look at the most popular theories.

We’ve also released a Brisingr predictions page. This page is home to eight polls that we feel are key Loose Ends in the Cycle and we want you to vote on their outcome! Once Brisingr releases, we’ll compare our votes to the real facts to see just how far off (or right on the dot) we were.

Don’t forget that will also be in New York City for the launch of Brisingr as well as the launch of Christopher Paolini’s book tour (yes, Christopher will be there – it’s his first book signing stop!). This all takes place at 11 PM on September 19th. We’ve also got a big announcement related to the event coming soon, so keep checking back!

And we’ve heard some rumors that Shur’tugal is getting a facelift this week…