Best Shur’tugal Fan Fictions of 2007

For those of you who don’t know or are new to the site, has its very own fan fiction page, where you can read and submit your own stories or poems based on the Inheritance Cycle (or even completely original stories). Shur’tugal Fan Fiction recently held a Story of the Year Award contest, in which fan fiction readers voted for their favorite stories of 2007 posted on Shur’tugal Fan Fiction. If you want to read some good fics, these are the perfect stories to start with:

Best Fan Fiction of 2007: Everlast: The City of Fire by Revan
Best Inheritance Fiction- Book 3: Turn Around by QueenMindi
Best Inheritance Fiction- General: The Courtship of Selena by Mickinell
Best Inheritance Script: The Flaws and the Flawed by iWriter
Best Original Fiction: Everlast: The City of Fire by Revan

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