Shur’tugal Gear "Card Generator"

Thanks to Tim, Shur’tugal now has a Shur’tugal Gear “Gift Card” Generator! If you purchased a Shur’tugal t-shirt for a family member, friend, or anyone and want to give them a card as a sort of “place holder” until their shirt arrives (they’ll be shipped on January 2nd, for the record), you can use this nifty generator to do just that. All you have to do is input your information, hit submit, and then hit print! Simple and effective! The generator is located here.

If you haven’t yet purchased a piece of Shur’tugal gear, you can do so here! Buying a shirt supports Shur’tugal and its growing server and maintenance costs! Also, Shur’tugal hoodies are coming soon!

Update Int’l Shipping: International shipping IS avaliable on Shurtugal Gear orders. To ship outside the US, simply add the items you want to your cart, hit ‘Checkout’ and then click on ‘INT’L CHECKOUT’.