ILM’s Blueprint for Eragon‘s Saphira

Thanks to our contact at Fox 2000, Shurtugal has been given the ultra high-resolution scan of Industrial Light and Magic’s final blueprints for the computer animated Saphira from the recently released movie adaptation of Eragon. The blueprint shows the drawing of Saphira, with notations of the various dimensions of parts of her body, including the 65′ Wingspan and 15’3″ neck length. In addition, this blueprint once and for all clarifies that the new style of scales on Saphira were a cross between scales and feathers, titled ‘Sceathers’ by ILM.
“A scale and feather hybrid provide strength and lift to wing”

You can enjoy the full blueprint in four sizes below:
Huge (2000×1600)
Large (1500×1200)
Medium (1000×800)
Small (600×480)