Close-up of Saphira’s Head

Thanks to Shur’tugal fan Abby, we have a picture Saphira from the Eragon movie. This picture, which shows Saphira’s face close-up, is a picture of a promotional poster from a movie theater in the USA. Saphira seems to look slightly mammalian and dog-ish in this photo, more so than in the other photos of Saphira that we’ve seen so far. Please note that this photo is not high-quality, and because it was taken with a digital camera and not a high-res scanner, the photo’s colors may be off. We expect a high-res copy of the poster from Fox soon! You can view the photo of Saphira here.

UPDATE: Thanks to our contact at Fox, we now have an official high-resolution copy of the new poster available in three different formats: very very large, very large, and large.