First Eragon Movie Merchandise

Thanks to forum member “Eragonwiz,” we now have information on the first of what we expect will be many merchandising products for the Eragon movie. Barnes and Noble online is now listing an Eragon board game, Eragon puzzle, and an Eragon magic 8 ball.

The first, an Eragon board game, contains two photos – the game box and the board and pieces – in which players use dice, sword hilt shaped pieces, egg-shaped sapphire blue stones, and cards to move across a map of Alagaesia. The game is being produced by Warren Industries and is set for release on October 15th.

Little information is available on the Eragon magic 8 ball (Sababa Toys) and the 240 piece Eragon puzzle (Warren Industries), though both are also set for release on October 15th.