Comic-Con Videos in Various Formats

After a bit of a wait, we’re now offering all of the Comic-Con videos we’ve released so far in various formats, hopefully enabling every visitor to enjoy the videos on their computers or iPod.  Each of the videos was taken at this year’s Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.  Please note that while we do invite you to share these videos with your friends by linking them to the site, we ask that you do not re-post our videos on any video sharing website that reserves the right to make commercial works out of other people’s videos (YouTube, etc.).

Fox 2000 Eragon Panel  [WMV – High] [WMV – Low] [iPod/Quicktime]

Interview With Ed Speleers [WMV – High] [WMV – Low] [iPod/Quicktime]

Vivendi Games Interview [WMV – High] [WMV – Low] [iPod/Quicktime]