The Comic Con Adventure Begins… In San Diego!

It’s now the morning of Thursday, July 20th, 2006, and all kinds of Shur’tugal staff from around the country are flying in for the world-famous Comic Con International, held in San Diego from July 20th to the 24th (registration is always available at the door). Joining me on the trip will be Robert (Bob) Cox, Joelle Saveliev and her mom (“Bubba”), Matthew Heck, and Yoli the forum administrator (and yes, we will miss you, Tim).

We’ll be bringing you daily updates from our adventures there, covering all of the Eragon attention (with some great coverage of an Eragon preview clip at a Fox screening as well as some more Eragon video game information).

On Sunday, we’ll all be attending Christopher Paolini’s Q&A discussion panel, as well as his book signing. We’ll also be conducting another interview with him! We hope to bring home some other surprise interviews too, but we aren’t one hundred percent sure on those yet. We’ll keep you informed

If you’re planning on attending Comic Con, be sure to look around for us (we have shirts and stickers)! If you’re there but can’t find us, email us at comiccon at and we’ll email you back to let you know where to find us!