Shur’tugal Insider Reports on Eragon

A lucky Shur’tugal fan who has asked to remain an anonymous source wrote in to tell us about a recent view that he got at the Eragon movie due to family connections inside of Fox.  The fan tells us that he got the chance to see Saphira, who he says is "awesome and extremely realistic".  He says that this makes sense, since a huge part of the movie’s budget is being put into the making of Saphira, and unfortunately causing a lack of work on things such as the Urgals, who have appeared to be more human-like in the movie.

As for Saphira’s voice, our source has told us that no actress has been cast.  Apparently, Fox does not want to ruin the movie by casting a voice that they do not believe fits perfectly and are instead focusing a lot of time on finding the perfect voice.  According to our source, this was the true major set back for the film’s trailer releases, three of which are reportedly completed, missing only Saphira’s voice-overs.  Rumor has it that the trailer might be released on All The King’s Men, though we have no official confirmation on this as of yet.