E3 Report – More Detail Than You Could Imagine

Well, you guys have been asking for it. Begging for it. Most of all, harassing for it. After surviving a redeye flight home (as if the movie Redeye wasn’t enough to creep anyone out), a last-minute research paper, four days worth of make-up work for school, and five hundred feedback emails, I finally had the time to sit down and write up the most detailed review I’ve ever written in my life.

This first half of the review (you guys tortured me via comments for a few days, so now it’s my turn to make you wait one more day for part two, though part one is more than enough to hold you over) covers, in much depth, the Eragon movie and the Eragon console versions of the game. Part two will include an exclusive, in-depth review of the handheld versions.

Click here to read “The Only Complete, Detailed, and One-Hundred Percent Exclusive Review of the Eragon Movie and Game Online!